HWCI Newsletter Vol.1 No.2 – March 20th,2014 –

1. NOTICE of WTCQGD basic information

WORLD TAI CHI and QI GONG DAY(WTCQGD) MANGALOE 2014 will be held in collaboration with Lions Club Mangalore.
Thanking to LCM.

Date and Timing: Saturday, April 26th, 2014 10:00AM Sharp
Place: Lions Seva Mandir / Mallikatta, Mangalore


2.The 5th World Junior Wushu Championships

The 5th World Junior Wushu Championships has just finished, which was held in Antalya, Turkey during March 11-18, 2014. Indian Junior National Wushu Team participated also.


3. School Program

Gonzaga School(A unit of St.Aloysius Institutions) will take Wushu classes as the extra curriculum activities in the next fiscal school year(2014-2015).



4. Phrase Of The Day

“Soon Learnt, Soon Forgotetn”.
To learn Wushu, this is the truth.
This means ‘There is no any short cut way to improve, except continuos repeated practice’.


5. 8 FORM TAI CHI, the link of the sample video



6. KUNG FU EXERCISE STEP.1, the link of the sample video

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About Haruka_Qingxiang

Haruka Ito is a Japanese woman, who love Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts). Her athlete career is more than 20 years, she was Gold Medalist of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Tournament, Osaka Wushu Taijiquan Championships. The number of Medals: 16 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze. Hobbies: Wushu, International Travelling, Reading Books, Learning Foreign Lanuages(English, Mandarein Chinese, Cantonese etc). The countries where been to: Australia, Hong Kong, China(Guangzhou, Nanjing), Macau, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia and India.
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