2014/03/28(FRI) Movie: “PAINTED FACES”

The movie: “PAINTED FACES(Mandarin pinyin: QI Xiao Fu, Cantonese: Cat1 siu2 fuk1)”, is a Hong Kong film directed by Alex Law. The movie was first released in 1988. The language spoken in this movie is Cantonese.

The Chinese title refers to the Seven Little Fortunes – Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and his fellow opera-mates, who later made it big in the Hong Kong film industry. The film focuses on Master Yu Ho, their teacher, and his methods on bringing up his protégés.

Many people are aware of Jackie Chan is Kung-Fu star, so they may recognize Jackie is authentic Kung-Fu master, but actually his original career is Chinese Opera.
The basic training of Chinese Opera and Chinese Wushu(especially Changquan) have a commonality each other, so Jackie’s Kung-Fu action is very high-level one.

You can find out from this movie that Jackie’s original career is Chinese opera, so you can distinguish a real Wushu-ist from a not-real one. If somebody says: “I was certified as real marital-artist from Jackie Chan”, it may be not the truth. Because Jackie’s original career is Chinese Opera, he is incredible busy movie star now. Then, how can he manage his time to certify somebody as the master?
I have ever read the autobiography of Jackie Chan(very thick book!), there was NO description of Jackie becoming Kung-Fu master, even one line.

Anyway, hope you watch and enjoy this movie, and hope you can learn how hard trainings Jackie, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and his mate had. Without the huge amount of training, nobody can improve in any activity, particularly Wushu & Kung-Fu!!

“No Efforts, No Gain”.


About Haruka_Qingxiang

Haruka Ito is a Japanese woman, who love Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts). Her athlete career is more than 20 years, she was Gold Medalist of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Tournament, Osaka Wushu Taijiquan Championships. The number of Medals: 16 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze. Hobbies: Wushu, International Travelling, Reading Books, Learning Foreign Lanuages(English, Mandarein Chinese, Cantonese etc). The countries where been to: Australia, Hong Kong, China(Guangzhou, Nanjing), Macau, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia and India.
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