Why and how I came to India? [4]

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The first attack of this earthquake had been continuing for 6 minutes, and the building where I stayed had been swaying like drawing a big circle. We Japanese are used to experience the earthquake and fortunately our stayed building was just swaying, therefore we did not go in the panic. But such a long shaking duration & big shaking was funny, I thought.
Our company members once went outside of the building, but we got back into the office again because it seems like another serious thing would happen, although frequency aftershock had occurred again and again……

Around 30 minutes after the first earthquake attack, TSUNAMI has reached to the coastline of TOHOKU region.

*Reference Video

My staying location YOKOHAMA city is a coastal city also, fortunately such a serious ocean wave has not come. But although Yokohama is 330km far from the earthquake epicenter, the ocean status was not so calm down, a little bit move was there……

At that time, what I felt the most scary was, our company’s anyone were all calm only, like a normal status. We should not be in panic in such a case, but their face & activities were absolutely normal status, therefore I felt very scare why they can feel normal……
*EAST JAPAN GREAT EARTHQUAKE (Aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami)


About Haruka_Qingxiang

Haruka Ito is a Japanese woman, who love Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts). Her athlete career is more than 20 years, she was Gold Medalist of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Tournament, Osaka Wushu Taijiquan Championships. The number of Medals: 16 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze. Hobbies: Wushu, International Travelling, Reading Books, Learning Foreign Lanuages(English, Mandarein Chinese, Cantonese etc). The countries where been to: Australia, Hong Kong, China(Guangzhou, Nanjing), Macau, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia and India.
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