Why and how I came to India? [19]

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Then, what is required at first for foundation of ‘Japanese autonomous district(Japanese Township)’?
This idea is not just general ‘commune’, not just an industrial township either, it is absolutely a foundation of autonomous district, even the size would be extremely tiny tiny one. The most important is the concept. As I’ve mentioned, I could understand this master plan image by the example of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is SAR, i.e. Special Administrative Region. Among Hong Kong was a territory of UK, it developed so much by their original way. Besides, Hong Kong was initially a place where many emigrants had come and made a development of city by their own efforts. This Japanese Township is the same image like this Hong Kong history, like a tiny tiny spot of Japan which is outside of Japan territory. Yes, like an enclave. The most requirement is the mind to efforts by ourselves & themselves who would be concerned, with the exactly entrepreneur mind. Because making a city itself is a business also.

However, in order to establish such a district, the higher level of politics negotiation is required also. Mr. Moustache had heard from one NRI(Non-resident Indian) in USA that he would be able to negotiate with Justice Minister of Indian Central Government about this special residential permit. This is the reason why he selected India as his destination. (i.e. We never selected India if such an information had not come from this NRI(Non-resident Indian).) Mr.Moustache had tried to find out a place where he would be able to make this township idea true, therefore he visited USA and asked one businessperson who owns company in Vietnam also among April-June 2011, but he could not find the suitable conditions place.
Anyway, this one NRI(Non-resident Indian) in USA made our destination exactly, this is the only one reason why we selected India as our immigrant destination.
If he did not mention like ‘I would be able to negotiate with Justice Minister of Indian Central Government about this special residential permit’, we would never select India………
Honestly speaking, I doubted it……but Mr. Moustache had believed it indeed, therefore I followed him also. I had heard he is a Brahman, he is in a family of importance in his hometown in India, it was the reason why I believed Mr. Moustache’s word.

Anyway, this NRI(Non-resident Indian) gent’s word made our immigrant destination for reality…
Without this NRI gent’s word, we would never select India……


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Haruka Ito is a Japanese woman, who love Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts). Her athlete career is more than 20 years, she was Gold Medalist of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Tournament, Osaka Wushu Taijiquan Championships. The number of Medals: 16 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze. Hobbies: Wushu, International Travelling, Reading Books, Learning Foreign Lanuages(English, Mandarein Chinese, Cantonese etc). The countries where been to: Australia, Hong Kong, China(Guangzhou, Nanjing), Macau, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia and India.
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