Why and how I came to India? [37]

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Mr. Moustache and me had been planning to go to India within December 2011, but “Sadashiv Adiga(Mr. NRI in USA)” suggested us to postpone our departure, because he said “nothing would be proceeding well during Christmas season”. Yeah, it is the same in Japan also, we could agree with it, so we decided to postpone our departure one month later.

However, of course Nuclear Plants which had made disasters condition is still not well, most of residents in Japan believe that Japan is absolutely no problem…..anything has not solved, there is no any solution way for all beings on this earth……therefore we had been feeling extremely scary every every day.

Since after incredible huge earthquakes has occurred on March 11th 2011, already 9 months has passed at that time. However, still big aftershock had come sometimes, I always felt scary with it so much.
My hometown place Hokkaido had often rather big earthquake in my childhood, I was used to experience earthquakes itself though, two huge earthquake disasters in 1995 & this 2011 had made me to feel very scary with earthquakes. This means that my mindset had reset by these huge earthquakes experience, for more scary feelings one.

During December 2011, TEPCO(Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd.) Nuclear Disasters Solution Team made a big mistake again(actually, again and again), but their officials’ apologies was just “We had coincidentally become lazy, haha”, therefore Mr.Moustache and me had become much more scary with Nuclear Disasters situations. We almost laughed by reason of too much scary……
Middle position’s engineers and professionals at these disaster plants are sincerely serious to solve these unsolvable trouble though, management people was the problem. Because in Japan, huge companies’ management persons are not clever actually, below middle position people are extremely excellent quality’s workers, this situation is absolutely opposite from almost all other countries & territories across the world.
State of Japan is supported by middle & low position people’s extremely sincere and excellent quality’s efforts to work everyday.

However…..such an excellent quality of working had started to melt down little by little, I felt……by reason is, incredible a lot unsolvable problems are in Japan……


About Haruka_Qingxiang

Haruka Ito is a Japanese woman, who love Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts). Her athlete career is more than 20 years, she was Gold Medalist of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Tournament, Osaka Wushu Taijiquan Championships. The number of Medals: 16 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze. Hobbies: Wushu, International Travelling, Reading Books, Learning Foreign Lanuages(English, Mandarein Chinese, Cantonese etc). The countries where been to: Australia, Hong Kong, China(Guangzhou, Nanjing), Macau, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia and India.
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