Thinking About Christmas Present For Chobi

Almost 6 months ago, we’ve sent some gifts for Chobi in Mangalore, India.
(Ref: Gifts For Chobi 2018 )

(These photos were as of June 22nd 2018)

Now, Christmas season will be coming up lately.
We are thinking about some gifts for Chobi again, we’re thinking what is good for her…

R.I.P To Great Dedicators [2]

Last month: October 2018. two great dedicators for Wushu society have passed away.

Then, also in this month, another two dedicators have passed away.
One is Mr. Stan Lee, an American comic book writer, editor, and publisher who was active from the 1940s to the 2010s. He was the author of many American comic heroes.
*Stan Lee on Wikipedia (English)

One more is Mr. Ken Narita, he is a Japanese singer, well known by “Tagatameni Tatakau(For Who’s Sake)”, the theme song of Japanese animation:”Cyborg 009″.

This is one of my most favorite songs.

The above one is remake version in 2012. Because “Cyborg 009” is a very famous and popular series for a long time.
The original version of this song was released in 1980’s, since then I have been fond of this song. It is really really great song.

*Ken Narita on Wikipedia (English)

Also, Ken Narita sung theme songs of “Denshi Sentai Denjiman”, which is one of Super Sentai series(the original series of American Power Rangers). I have been knowing these songs also since I was a child.

R.I.P to these great dedicators……time by time, the era has been changing to the future…
I really wish they rest in peace……I wish so indeed……

R.I.P To Great Dedicators

In the beginning of last month(October 2018),  I’ve got to know that one of my pat Wushu coach: Mr. Takeshi Takaura has passed away. 

He was the first delegation member as Nanquan player of Japan National Team in 1980’s, he has got medals in international games…..also dedicated to promote Nanquan indeed, he was a great coach, also be a great judge……
Yes….he was a “real ” legend in Japan Wushu Society……

R.I.P to my one of beloved, respected coach……

Besides, on October 30th, Mr. Jin Yong, a greatest WuJiang(Chinese martial arts’ action) novelist has passed away also. He was r real legend also, in the genre of WuJiang novel .
He was a practitioner of Wu Style Taijiquan also, he really practiced Taijiquan(Tai Chi).
R.I.P to this great novelist also.

In October 2018, Wushu society has lost two GREAT dedicators from this world.
I feel so sad…….