Is This Great…???

This photo was taken on November 24th 2018.
Can you guess what is this?

Well, these items in this photo are “Water Purifying items for dogs”, they are sold in Japan.
In Japan’s pet market has such a types of items. These ones are for pets, not for people. The ones which are for people are there in another area of shops.

In fact, the standard people have been becoming poorer and poorer year by year because of government’s wrong politics. But still, many of the pet owners want to treat their pets as much as well, therefore such a special items for pets can get good sales result.
I can understand their mind, we did the same kind of treat for our buddy dog:Chobi in India. We had to survive under the poor financial condition in there, but we tried to treat Chobi more than ourselves. Because we love her indeed.

So, such a special items for pets don’t express the rich situation of Japanese. It express their special “love/affection” for their pets, because their pets are their precious FAMILY.

But… this great scene?????