2020/12/31(THU) Chicken Menu For Christmas

In Japan, the common sense for Christmas season is only December 24th & 25th.
We greet “Merry Christmas!” each other on only Dec 24th & 25th, therefore the items about Christmas would be discounted since December 26th.

Well, as for this year;s Christmas season, I’ve bought a pack of chicken which was flavored with some spices. As far as I know, for these years the main menu of Christmas by Japanese people is chicken, not turkey. Therefore I bought chicken, too.

This package was consists of 3 pieces of chicken legs actually, the selling price was 1,600JPY(about 15.5USD) originally. However, I bought this one in the late timing of night on December 25th, therefore this price was discounted to 800JPY, i.e. it was 50% discount.

Then, does someone think that eating chicken and cake as the particular menu for Christmas night?

2020/11/20(FRI) What Is The Difference Among Them?

As for the current cabinet of several countries, there is one curious thing actually.
Look at the below photos.

The government of Finland
The government of Sweden

The government of Canada

The government of Japan

Well, these photos remind me of one song from “Sesame Street”, the title of the song is “Three of these things belong together”.

Three of the above photos belong together, as for the point of “diversity”. But Japan does not belong to this point, it’s almost full of “only elder men”. The lack of diversity in member rashes is directly linked to the “lack of diverse perspectives in policy making.” In fact, the negative effects of homosocial society are still deeply rooted in Japanese policy and social conditions..

Then, when this kind of situation will be changed for better…?

Mmm….it’s too difficult to change them for better, I consider. Because many adult role models in Japanese society are childish and rooted in anti-intellectualism. From my view, it’s extremely hopeless……..sigh…….

2020/10/15(THU) Becoming Worse Day By Day

As I’ve mentioned in my past post;”2020/09/14(MON) Worse PM Is Coming…“, everything have been becoming worse day by day, with incredible the fast speed to change worse.

A part of clever people call the current Japanese PM Suga as “Sgalin”, but it’s not a joke, what he and his cabinet have been proceeding the preparing of “Establishing a dictatorship system”. They are doing this issue with any Formal law revision, i. e. they do a plenty of number of illegal activity like Abe’s Cabinet, Suga’s one is much much much much much much worse……

Now folks, you can now observe the collapse of Japan in real time.
It is a great example of “the collapse of the country”……. Japan is on the way now…..

2020/10/01(THU) How Suck…

Today, all of stock markets in Japan are in the system error condition, ALL trading are impossible to do.

In last month, two huge financial system troubles of many banks and SBI Securities Co., Ltd have occurred, they are really big financial accident.
I consider that financial system security and those technical level in Japan are extremely poor already.

That’s the reason why I keep all of my budget by myself only. I don’t deposit them in the bank account. It is too risky.

2020/08/23(SUN) Is It X-DAY?

Tomorrow is August 24th, the day what Taiwanese media has already mentioned several days ago about the resignation of Japan PM Shinzo Abe.
Now, it’s almost midnight of August 23rd, Japanese media released a news about the medical check of Abe again on 24th, continuing from August 17th, just a week ago.

Well, what will come next?
Will August 24th become X-Day???

2020/08/14(FRI) Tomorrow Is August 15th

Tomorrow , August 15th is “WW2 Surrender Day” for Japan, the last day of “Japanese occupation of Hong Kong”. The length of this period (3 years 8 months) later became a metonym of the occupation. Therefore, this morning’s “Good morning”, a TV program of RTHK(Radio Television Hong Kong) has mentioned about that “Japanese occupation of Hong Kong”.

To tell the truth, rhe red colored areas in this map were “Japanese occupation territory” within WW2. I feel sorry with it indeed……
Japanese Empire at its greatest extent, 1943
Although the official media films and many researches says that “Japanese occupation was the fact in the history”, most of Japanese people don’t know the details about those occupation. Or, they just don’t want to accept those facts because they just want to believe Japan is the greatest justice country on the earth. Not all, but a part of people misbelieve that the neighbor countries around Japan plans to occupy Japan, I’ve ever read and heard very often such a “funny imagination in Japanese thinking”. At least until the end of WW2, invader country was Japan among North East Asian region, not Korea or China until then. From my view, they seem like to fight with “virtual enemy in only their imagination”, they can not look at the real.
I feel sorry indeed and extremely shame with their such a funny imagination…..

Tax Increase Again And Again

As I’ve mentioned in before, the number of people in poverty situation have been increasing time by time. The reason is not only come from Covid-19, the economic damage by Covid-19 during 1Q in 2020 is actually less than “consumer tax increase” damage during 4Q in 2019.

Now, Govt of Japan seems like to decide “consumer tax increase” again, although the pandemic of Covid-19 is still continuing. The total effective tax rate of Japan is already world No.2 level, if they increase consumer tax rate again, Japan will become a Gold Medalist of “Heavy Tax Olympic”. Heavy tax, but low redistribution, the rate of redistribution has been decreasing only, this means “only expression” is increasing. Then, Abe’s cabinet provide those squeezed money to their friends or stakeholders.

The history says such a situation had made a county to destroy, like Ancient roman empire or Old Spanish kingdom in the middle ages. Therefore, a tiny part of people in Japan is already expecting to become similar break as those old broken countries. Honestly speaking, I think the same, too.

Today Is July 7th

Today is July 7th, it is the day “Marco Polo Bridge Incident” had occurred in 1937.
Almost all Japanese don’t know this, although they should know.


Japanese education does not properly teach the history of themselves as invaders during the war.
I feel extremely sorry with such an attitude in the education.