2020/12/11(FRI) Not Joke, True Happenings

The current ruling party in Japan is named “Liberal Democratic Party(LDP)”.

But the politics of the LDP is never democratic at all.
The current LDP politics is in the same state as dictatorship.

There is a political party named “Japanese Communist Party” in Japan, both the questions and claims of the Japanese Communist Party’s parliament are caring, humane and democratic at the present.

It’s like a joke that the Japanese Communist Party criticize the Liberal Democratic Party that LDP will not stop the planned economy.

However, it;s not a joke, they are absolutely true happenings in current Japan.

How funny it is……

2020/06/15(MON) Boric Acid Dumpling

Yesterday(June 14th), I made “boric acid dumplings” to get rid of cockroaches in my living room.

One of the required ingredients is flour actually, but I used pancake mix to make dumplings. Because I have been keeping a pack of unused pancake mix although I had bought in before. I’m not sure whether this replace would be useful, haha.

I’ve referred how to make “boric acid dumpling” on this website, although the language is Japanese.

2020/04/18(SAT) My Thinking Way of “Double Protection”

It seems like that many people misunderstand that bacteria and virus are not different. They also misunderstand that the protection way of virus is absolutely same as against bacteria. I recognize one another protection way is required also, it’s not only the protection way like against bacteria, “protection way from radioactive materials” is required, too.

Movie: Antarctic Chef

Nowadays, Covid-19 pandemic strikes the world except for the Antarctica.
It’s because the Antarctica’s climate is very cold, the virus is not easy to move active under the climate condition.
This fact reminds me of two movie:”Resurrection day(English title:Virus) and “Antarctic Chef”.
“Virus” is a movie which mention about the pandemic by virus internationally, and “Antarctic Chef” is a story mention about the eating life in the Antarctic base wintering team.

In the trailer of the movie:”Antarctic Chef”, text script says “No penguins, seals, or even viruses”.

This movie is not mention about any virus though, this movie made me to understand as virus is not easy to be active in Antarctic area. The movie itself is very interesting for me.

2020/03/31(TUE) Already 10 Days Back…

At the present, the world is in the crisis situation of Covid-19 issue itself and the economy crisis which has been caused by Covid-19. I’ve already start to buy foods & requirement since the mid of February, i.e. since before the people would be in the panic in the beginning of early March. When the lock-down in Wuhan has just started, I have been already started to worry about it, because that virus is bring by the humans. The nationality or race is no issue for me, the humans are the humans, only that one thing was worrying point for me. Because the humans are easy to move around widely more than most of animals.

Of course, I have already expected the economy would been in serious troubled situation, it’s easy to expect for me. Because I knew something that such a kind of crisis has been occurred again and again in the past humans’ history, and they are still ongoing, not only SARS Cov-2(current coronavirus) also another many viruses. The history of human beings has many fight experiences against various kind of infections/viruses.

Therefore, I have already started to check the long term trend of expecting economy since more than 10 days ago. The early starting is must, in order to catch the next trend. When the mass media will inform you the truth, it’s already late, so I have already check my requirements by myself.

Only One Minute……

Regarding the news about Covid-19, the news/information in Japan is still NOT enough, often they are lack of the correctness, therefore I’ve been checking and researching also another countries’ news/info/reports/researches etc, as I had done about the radioactive issues in 2011.

I’ve already many kinds of news/info about the patients who has got Covid-19, one of the news on March 2nd 2020 on one Taiwanese News channel has said that a person who was with Covid-19 career in the lift(elevator) during only 1 minute, although they wore masks with NO any conversation each other. It has happened in Korea.

I’ve already known that Covid-19 is transmitted from the eyeball, too. Besides, there may be cases of contact infection caused by touching buttons of lift/elevator etc. with each other. In any case, Covid-19 is even more contagious virus among some viruses for these years.

I’ve read about the issue which mentions about the past Spain Flu in the 20th century, the situation of the first pandemic of it looks like the current situation, i.e. “Low mortality and unusually high infectivity”. The pandemic of the NEW type of virus would not end by only the first wave, the second and the third must come, all of the history of infectious disease proves it.

Anyway, I consider I should take care of myself and my friends as much as possible, as usual. I’m not so serious to wear mask until now, but I wear something glasses(cheap regular bulk one) usually, and I’ve just started to wear a type of particular guarding one since yesterday(March 26th) when I go outside.
Since I was a little child, I always to be the one who wash my hand seriously anytime, therefore I just continue it. Infectious disease control has something in common with radiation protection, therefore I’m used to do it actually because I have a few experience about radioactive protection in 2011.

From these things, I strongly feel it’s really important to learn from history and apply own experience.

It Will Not Support Anymore

Since November 2015, I have been using Nokia Lumia 535 smartphone which I had bought in India. I have been using WhatsApp application also on the smartphone.
In it, I still insert SIM card of Barath Airtel(Airtel India) which had already expired in 2017. In order to keep messaging data of WHatsApp for my Indian mobile number, I didn’t change my account from Indian number to Japanese mobile number. I didn’t update OS of the smartphone also, because I knew that update would make to be not able to use the same number anymore.

However, I have known that WhatsApp no longer support my smartphone, means Windows Phone OS, I’ve known this on this January 29th.

Whenever I try to use WhatsApp on this Lumia 535, only the message:”You can no longer use WhatsApp on this phone, because WhatsApp no longer supports it”, I can not even check the previous messages in my WhatsApp account. This my account’s mobile number had already expired, it can not be recovered….

Oh my, it’s a pity……