HWCI Notice

All classes are closed as of December 1st 2015.
Haruka Ito would not teach Wushu anymore in India.
Please excuse for inconvenience.

Haruka Wushu/Tai Chi classes was founded in 2014 with an intention to propagate the Chinese traditional culture and promote Chinese Martial Arts so as to uplift the youth and invigorate the elderly, making them more involved in various activities.

The classes offers training in Wushu and Taichi in various neighbourhoods to students of all ages, whether they are elite competitive athletes, beginners, or elderly participants looking to enjoy a recreational activity and improve their overall health…

TAI CHI is not only the one supreme ultimate martial arts, also extremely famous and popular oriental-fitness exercise all over the world.
Tai Chi is the slow move internal exercise for all, any age people can practice, it has huge health benefit and it’s great Asian Culture.
The first Tai Chi Class of HARUKA WUSHU CULTURE INSTITUTE(HWCI) started from JANUARY 12th, 2014.
This class is the one which is for practicing exhibition routine(Taolu).
Girls and Ladies are the most welcome, because the majority of World Tai Chi society are the women.

[ TAI CHI CLASS / Haruka Wushu Culture Institute(HWCI) ]
[1] Every Sunday 7:30AM – 8:30AM
Place: Yenepoya College Building
Behind KENWOOD Showroom & Mayur Residency, Balmatta,Mangalore

[2] Every Saturday 7:30AM – 8:30AM
Place: Yenepoya College Building
Behind KENWOOD Showroom & Mayur Residency, Balmatta,Mangalore

*Download the brochure from the below link.


[WUSHU YOUTH CLASS/Haruka Wushu Culture Institute(HWCI)]
Age Group: Below 14 years old

Date&Timing: Every Sunday 10:00am – 11:30am
Place: Yenepoya College Building
Behind KENWOOD Showroom & Mayur Residency, Balmatta
*Download the brochure from the below link.

Founder and Technical Director(Coach): Ms. Haruka Ito
Gold Medalist at Hong Kong International Wushu Festival in 2005/2007-2009.
Taolu Judge at The 8th Hong Kong International Wushu Festival(2010) and The 12th Karnataka State Wushu Championship(2013).
Board of Directors at Lions Club Mangalore

*Description of Changquan on Wikipedia

*Official Website of HWCI(Haruka Wushu Culture Institute)

*Official Website of Haruka Ito, Founder & Technical Director of HWCI

*You can inform your available dates & timings by use of the below form.
Thank you for your feedback.

[Notification about HWCI Certificate & Technical Judgement]

1. HWCI(Haruka Wushu Culture Institute) never would like to provide any useless diploma, therefore HWCI don’t provide the diploma or certificate for non-qualified students and practicers.
(i.e. The useless example: Certificate as Coach for the campers of only short term camp by the freshers participants, in this kind of case the published certificate is never useless and never guarantee the ability of qualified holder.)

2. Technical rules & complimentary regulations at HWCI compliant the rules & regulations of IWUF(International Wushu Federation), WFA(Wushu Federation of Asia) and CWA(Chinese Wushu Association), this means HWCI compliant the International Official Rules & Regulations.

*International Wushu Federation Official Website

*Contact information page of Wushu Federation of Asia

*Office of Wushu Federation of Asia (Wushu Genaral Association of Macau)

*Chinese Wushu Association Official Website

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