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“Anime Crime Division” Is Interesting!!

I like this serial:”Anime Crime Division”, which was uploaded on YouTube by Rocket Jump. This story is full of the words of Japanese animation & cartoons, it is very interesting!! I strongly recommend this to someone who love Japanese cartoon … Continue reading

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“Flowers Have Blossomed” S.H.E

This is one of my favorite song, sung in Chinese(Mandarin) language, from Taiwan. This is the theme song of Taiwanese drama: “Love of Roses”. The original story is from Japanese cartoon:”For The Roses’ Sake”, I like this cartoon, too. *”For … Continue reading

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Our Economy In ICU

If you want to know about the current Japan’s economy situation, you can imagine it from this politoon(politics cartoon) animation which is made in India, the serial title is “So Sorry!”. Please replace the roles of this episode in your … Continue reading

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Why and how I came to India?[13]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’ https://qingxiang129.wordpress.com/category/why-i-came-to-india/ Since the TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster had occurred in March 2011, I devoted to study hard about radioactive any informations & knowledge, tried to collect the informations about many kinds … Continue reading

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