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Video: [3D Print] Mini-sized Cyclone Vacuum Connection

New video:”[3D Print] Mini-sized Cyclone Vacuum Connection” was uploaded on our YouTube channel:Chobi Design. Subtitles on video: Japanese and English Please check and subscribe our channel. We welcome your support. Thank you.

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2018/09/04(TUE) Typhoon Is Approaching

Today, typhoon (cyclone) is approaching to West part of Japan in the morning of today, September 4th 2018…. The weather is already rainy outside of my room now…..(10:49am now0 Hope things would not be going to worse…..

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We’re Talking About Only? Chobi

On May 29th 2018, Mangalore was suffered from the flood by reason of a cyclone. *https://qingxiang129.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/mangalore-flood-2018/ Some of Mangaloreans uploaded videos about the flood on YouTube, we could check the situation from those videos. One of them is about “Chasing … Continue reading

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