Video: [3D Print] Mini-sized Cyclone Vacuum Connection

New video:”[3D Print] Mini-sized Cyclone Vacuum Connection” was uploaded on our YouTube channel:Chobi Design.

Subtitles on video: Japanese and English

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We’re Talking About Only? Chobi

On May 29th 2018, Mangalore was suffered from the flood by reason of a cyclone.

Some of Mangaloreans uploaded videos about the flood on YouTube, we could check the situation from those videos.
One of them is about “Chasing the Cyclone Floods in Mangalore”, which one guy recorded the real scenes in the night of the flood’s day.

 From this video, we could see the places where we’ve known, they looked like “Not So Huge Trouble”, it made us to feel better…because we worried about them very much…

This video includes the area where we’ve lived, we could see it also(From 22 minutes 50 seconds to 23 minutes).
It’s not a live-straming one, so we can not request anything this video’s uploader. We just chatted in front of PC’s screen:”Hi, can you go to Chobi’s house?”, “Please go to Chobi’s area”etc, haha.

Chobi’s staying ares must be safe, we think, by reason of the construction situation.
Anyway, we worry about Chobi again, to be continued from Nipha virus issue.
Hope she is always well……