Why and how I came to India? [38]

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The schedule which we were planning to come to India at first was within December 2011.
However, Mr. “NRI in USA” informed us that nothing would be ongoing well within December, because it is Christmas season. Mr. Moustache and me thought of Christmas in Japan, we could agree with it from imagination of Christmas in Japan & other places.

Therefore, our departure had been postponed about 1 month later. Meanwhile this postpone 1 month, we had to obtain something budget to facilitate the project. But still, nobody would invest……
Some people said: “I will cooperate with you”, however, most of their words and demands in reality were: “After everything would be set up, I will come” or “I have no budget, just please help me with fee charge forever”……almost all were like this.

Then, what Mr. Moustache and me had to decide was, we should sell our own times to make money. To tell the truth, Mr. Moustache had made his life by selling items on internet auction since directly after March 11th 2011, means since after Earthquake disasters.
One of the reason is, Mr. Moustache had been dedicating to facilitate his idea of “Japanese commune in outside of Japan” since directly after this Earthquake disasters. One other reason is, his clients: almost all of automobile industrial companies headquarters had decided to escape from Japan to abroad by sake of this Earthquake Disasters and Nuclear Plant Disasters. Then, all of scheduled 2011’s works on new automobile products across Japan in 2011 were disappeared basically as of end of March 2011, Mr. Moustache’s scheduled all 2011’s works were disappeared also accordingly.
These disappearing’s reason had come from Earthquake disasters and Nuclear Plant Disasters. Automobile industry is a huge industry in Japan, it has a strong influence power against Government and society, therefore this escaping of automobile companies express that Japanese economy must die in future, it must be…

Actually, photography master of Mr. Moustache had already given him some photography items to sell, for save Mr. Moustache’s life.
Both of him and me had to decide to sell our own items in our room, because we had no any property in Japan.
(If we own something property in Japan, we must have a huge amount of debt though, haha. Because owning property in Japan is the same as just getting huge debt in their life……)

Why and how I came to India? [31]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

As a result in Bali Island, we could not obtain any investment from Mr.Maru, multi billionaire Japanese in Bali Island. From the beginning, I had expected that his cash asset amount was less, my expectation must be correct actually. Yes, Mr.Moustache heard that Mr.Maru’s cash asset was rather less, Mr.Moustache said so.

Anyway, we still were in troubles……we have no any assets, no any budget, no any property, we have no way to obtain budget from stakeholders, because nobody would try to help us…
(If we had our property in Japan, it must make us to be in much more troubles, because owning property in Japan makes only HUGE AMOUNT OF DEBT in their lives basically. Therefore we were a little bit lucky what we did not own our property.)

At that time, all budget and assets what we had is only 40,000-50,000JPY(400-500USD / 25,000-30,000INR as of October 2011 rate), plus we had own personal items in our rooms….that’s all……we had no any other assets truly……
I have no my family already, Mr.Moustache’s family was not helpful either, both of our family never help, too…..(not only for us, almost all Japanese family are NEVER helpful in this kind of cases……)

We were very poor…..(My life was full of poor at ALL times also)…..however we wanted to come to India to proceed our project…..in order to save Japanese children from radiation…….
But how…….???