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2018/03/18(SUN) Thai Cuisine Restaurant

We went for one Thai cuisine restaurant to have a lunch meeting on this March 18, 2018. We had buffet-style lunch at there. Before 2010, I had ever been to this restaurant sometimes by myself. After several years, I went … Continue reading

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What Is The Difference?

This is a snapshot which was taken at food court in Japan, on February 22nd 2018. It’s the one of the actual example of KFC Japan menu. Actually, I’ve known that there is something difference between Japanese KFC taste and … Continue reading

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Mangalore KFC (Past Scene)

This video was uploaded on YouTube, on March 14th 2013, one of KFC branch in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. This branch was the nearest one from our past staying rent house, which we had stayed for April 2012~January 2015. Although KFC … Continue reading

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Another One Day’s Dinner In India

This is our ordered menu for dinner on Sunday, July 5th. Paneer Kurma, Steam Rice and Kerala Parota.

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One Day’s Dinner Among Term Of Ramazan

As far as I know, this year’s Ramazan(a month of fasting by Muslim people) has started since this June 19th. Our two of familiar restaurants are Non-Vegetarian restaurant by Musilim people, therefore we can not eat any lunch at their … Continue reading

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Chinese Cuisine in Malaysia

After a long time, I could have Chinese cuisine again in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is very fortunate for me. Because I always miss Chinese food, not Japanese food. This menu is the one in the night of May 30th, … Continue reading

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