The Past Proves The Present

Currently, campaign of Chobi Design Japan(our new firm to proceed some projects) has been running on crowd funding website: IndieGoGo.

Although it looks like just the present idea, this kind of idea has been in the mind of Satoru Komori, Director of us: AINA BP. This kind of idea has been in his mind since 2011, he had just missed to launch its idea by reason of 2011’s heavy disasters of earthquakes and nuclear plants disasters

Now, he is trying to proceed and trying to go forward by this kind of idea etc.
We really welcome your support to us.

Thank you.


Press RElease of “Arduino CHOBI” Is On PR Site

Press Release of our crowdfunding campaogn:”World’s Smallest Arduino Pro Compatible CHOBI” is now on

Please support this campaign for more development of Arduino culture, PCB(prototyping board) culture.
We indeed welcome your support!!

‘fabcross’ picked our campaign up

The website which introduce hardware engineering;’fabcross’ introduced our crowd funding project ‘Arduino Chobi’ on their website.

We indeed welcome your support against our project on IndieGoGo.
Thank you.

[NOTICE] Campaign:’Ultra Compact Aruduino Pro Compatible’ Is Running

The campaign:’Ultra Compact Arduino Pro Compatible’ is running now on crowd funding website: IndieGoGo.


Please back this campaign, to be a contributor, and share this all around of you.
This would be beneficial one for plenty number of Arduino users across the globe.