2020/03/18(WED) How……???

Japanese TV program has just announced that Tokyo Olympic Games will be held as scheduled.
Then, how……???

Already 160 countries have given the restriction to entry each countries/territories against Japanese people, the world leaders know that Japan would not admit testing Covid-19 seriously, so how Japan will held it???
I sure know Japan side stakeholders don’t want to waste the opportunity to obtain money, but this issue is absolutely silly, I believe…..

Cardboard Beds In Olympic Athlete Village

The beds installed in the dormitories of the Olympic Games in Tokyo Olympics 2020 are made of cardboard.
Cardboard is reusable, so it’s environmentally friendly.
However, cockroaches love cardboard. In Japan, the summer is hot and humid, so cockroaches naturally breed in large numbers.

Well, I don’t know what would be happened caused by this issue…

R.I.P To Great Dedicators

In the beginning of last month(October 2018),  I’ve got to know that one of my pat Wushu coach: Mr. Takeshi Takaura has passed away. 

He was the first delegation member as Nanquan player of Japan National Team in 1980’s, he has got medals in international games…..also dedicated to promote Nanquan indeed, he was a great coach, also be a great judge……
Yes….he was a “real ” legend in Japan Wushu Society……

R.I.P to my one of beloved, respected coach……

Besides, on October 30th, Mr. Jin Yong, a greatest WuJiang(Chinese martial arts’ action) novelist has passed away also. He was r real legend also, in the genre of WuJiang novel .
He was a practitioner of Wu Style Taijiquan also, he really practiced Taijiquan(Tai Chi).
R.I.P to this great novelist also.

In October 2018, Wushu society has lost two GREAT dedicators from this world.
I feel so sad…….

2013/12/26(THU) 12th Junior National Wushu Championship

“12th Junior National Wushu Championship” is on going to be held in Imphal city, Manipur state during December 26th-31st.

Speaking of Imphal, this is the city which is connected with Japan, because the name of Imphal is known by “The Battle of Imphal” for Japanese and the place where the elder Japanese people (who have experiences to go to the front of the operation) visit.
I have felt my ignorant around those genre knowledge through watching the movie:”BOSE -The Forgotten Hero-“, therefore I wanted to come to there includes watching the junior national.
But, Imphal is extremely ‘FAR!’ from my living place-Mangalore.
Including airfare’s problem, I’ve had another a few schedules and issues, I unwillingly decided to give up to coming to Imphal.

However, thankfully of the internet society, a coach of Manipur team has uploaded the image of a scene in the game field and site management.
Thanks to it, we are able to glimpse how is the atmosphere of the arena……

I can feel they do have strong enthusiasm to develop Taolu from this photo, in India where is the place Sanshou is overwhelmingly predominant.
I have ever heard their enthusiasm mind to develop Wushu and to be there for players from one of coaches directly, the coach told me:”We(officers & coaches) must be exist FOR THE PLAYERS”.

I feel it seems like that such a kind of “wish” would reach our heart, from these photos.

Through watching these images, the desire which such a training & game base to come to Mangalore would come bubbling up in my mind.

Anyway, I just pray sincerely that this competition would become a good one FOR PLAYERS.