2018/03/04(SUN) Bigger Hamburg

This has been continued from “2018/01/13(SAT) Very Big Hamburg”.
Since then, we have had those very big hamburg at our dinner very often.
Among those big hamburg products, we have seen much bigger one on March 6th.
WP_20180304_21_26_10_ProIt looks like sandals, this size must be over 25cm.

Of course, we don’t eat this size at one time’s dinner. we make smaller sized pieces for two times’ meals.

Anyway, I have not seen such a big hamburg in my usual life, hahahahaha.

2018/01/29(MON) Birthday Dinner

January 29th is my birthday.
For these months, we had to stay in Japan by sake of many reasons and situations, therefore I was celebrated my birthday in Japan also.
We did not go outside particularly though, Mr.Mustache cooked dinner (as usual), menu was hamburg with some vegetables.

It was very delicious to eat with rice.
Thank you so much.

2018/01/13(SAT) Very Big Hamburg

In the night of January 10th, we bought a big hamburg at supermarket.BigHumburg04The size of this hamburg is about 25cm, the weight is 852g, we could get this with 30% discount from the original price: 843JPY, means that our buying price was  590JPY.BigHumburg01
This hamburg is too big for one time’s dinner, therefore Mr. Mustache has made smaller pieces from this big one for a few times’ dinner. BigHumburg02
Then, they were cooked.BigHumburg03
The taste is very very delicious, we used Sukiyaki sauce for this, it was the best matching!!
We enjoy this menu so much, haha.