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The Past Proves The Present [3]

As I’ve mentioned, the idea of “The World’s Smallest Arduino PRO Compatible: Chobi” is not just current idea. This video proves that planner of this: Satoru Komori(AINA BP Director) thought of Arduino works, this video was uploaded on March 6th, … Continue reading

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The Past Proves The Present

Currently, campaign of Chobi Design Japan(our new firm to proceed some projects) has been running on crowd funding website: IndieGoGo. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-world-s-smallest-aruduino-pro-compatible-chobi-dog-japan/x/17902449#/ Although it looks like just the present idea, this kind of idea has been in the mind of Satoru … Continue reading

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Why and how I came to India? [20]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’ https://qingxiang129.wordpress.com/category/why-i-came-to-india/ Well, what is the requirement for establishment of ‘Japanese Township’, it’s a hybrid view & understanding for everything, including a good commercial business sense. Of course, Mr.Moustache’s this plan is consists … Continue reading

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2015/03/20(FRI) Good Idea

This is a ticket booking counter in China which interrupting impossible for anyone. I think this is a good idea to avoid the interruptions.

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