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Why This Video Should Uploaded on 311?

The serials of Indian politoon;”So Sorry” updated a new video on their YouTube channel on this March 11th. The title is “Modi Ki Tsunami”. I can understand that this video wants to express what Modi’s influence is strong in India’s … Continue reading

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Dogs Are Extremely Brilliant

The dog in this video is Japanese dog, this is the scene that the owner try to train this dog to learn the way to asking snacks by way of ringing the bell. From such a fact, we can find … Continue reading

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What Is The Difference?

This is a snapshot which was taken at food court in Japan, on February 22nd 2018. It’s the one of the actual example of KFC Japan menu. Actually, I’ve known that there is something difference between Japanese KFC taste and … Continue reading

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Chobi Loves Meat Stick So Much

Our most beloved buddy Indian dog (she stays in India): Chobi loves the meat stick so much. This video was uploaded on YouTube on April 3rd, 2013. In order to have an opportunity to come India again, we need this … Continue reading

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Also Eating Grasses?

This dog in this photo is not CHOBI, we call him as “Ma-Kun”. This photo was taken on July 26th 2015, in last year, he was eating? chewing? grasses also. I want to ask someone whether Indian dog chew grasses … Continue reading

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Incredible Indian Dog!

These photos were taken on March 7th, 2014. Mr.Moustache and me have seen this dog in front of one budget hotel in Mangalore, he had been bringing ‘Parle G’ biscuit which many Indian dogs love. He sat on the concrete … Continue reading

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Detox in Malaysia

On June 1st, I have experienced a body massage in Malaysia after a long time. This day was 1 previous day for Mr.Moustache’s birthday, we experienced a few ‘Detox’ activities. Before high noon, we had ‘Tortoise Jelly’, this is one … Continue reading

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