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Today Is July 7th

Today is July 7th, it is the day “Marco Polo Bridge Incident” had occurred in 1937. Almost all Japanese don’t know this, although they should know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Polo_Bridge_Incident?fbclid=IwAR08Lw8TjAp6yCExNSyOwd4u21XeEyHg6y3vqEUvsBeC-kwf5rdeqToe6mU Japanese education does not properly teach the history of themselves as invaders during … Continue reading

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Video: Vlog “Moving By Night Bus” July, 2019

New video was uploaded on our YouTube channel: Chobi Studio. Subtitles; English and Japanese We used to move a night bus from Osaka to Tokyo for a short business trip in the 1st weekend of July 2019. Please watch it, … Continue reading

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Ultraman Will Be Coming?

In the morning of the latest Saturday: July 7th 2019, I’ve encountered a objective statue of Ultraman in Tokyo area. The event of Ultraman will be held in Tokyo, it must be the reason why this statue was there, that … Continue reading

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My Drawing

I’ve drawn this by myself in the morning of July 1st.

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I Angry Against Our Government

In the first week of last month: July 2018, huge floods disasters had occurred in the West part of Japan. This was one of the most serious & huge level among the whole flood disasters’ history of Japan. Then, can … Continue reading

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