What Happened To Us After Coming To India[9]

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and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Within January 31st – April 1st 2012, total 4 adult Japanese with 1 small Japanese child had come to Mangalore except for Mr. Moustache and me. Two of them were just temporary stay, one had come from Okinawa, Japan, Middle of 20s age young lady, for inspection of our activities during about 1 month. Another one had come from New York, USA, he and his wife are Japanese, but they migrated to US by reason of his wife’s artist activity, for also inspection of our activity and Mangalore itself for just one week.
They had visited Mangalore since the end of March 2012, young woman from Okinawa: Nanako K. had stayed in a hotel at first, then later shifted to a shared apartment with the first arrival group(Yuri, Kiriko and Daisuke). Another one from New York: Yasushi Tamaki has stayed in our shifted one house since April 1st(We shifted from one-bedroom flat for temporary stay towards four-bedrooms’ independent house on April 1st 2012).
We brought them for inspection of Mangalore and explained our project ideas etc.

Then, a small issue has happened.
More than 90% of Japanese people are not good at speak English, coming Japanese people for this project was the same, they were not good at English. Therefore, Mr. Moustache thought of English training for coming people, we had one trial lesson of home teaching English altogether. This trial’s teacher was very kind to speak slowly for better understanding of lessons though, Yuri was in panic and only stared me with her freezing eyes. She only stared me during all the time of this trial lesson, she could not say anything even one word in English, by reason of her incredible strong rejection against English.
As soon as this trial session finished, Mr. Moustache proposed one idea; participants to be divided into ‘group lesson’ and ‘individual private lesson’. Because participating group lesson with other members is too much tough and stressful thing for Yuri, she would better to participate individual private English lesson in the morning time, three times a week, then she can learn by her studying speed with relaxing, she does not have o mind about other members. But, as soon as Yuri had heard about this proposal, she suddenly started to say the reasons why she can not participate this English lessons, like:’I have to prepare a lunch for my son every morning and I have to drop him to preschool every morning, so I can not attend!’. Actually, the place she should participate classes is just on the way to her son’s preschool, means attending the classes is never difficult. Every morning she can drop her into preschool, the venue of lessons is just 1-2 minutes far from preschool, and she can take her individual private English lesson for 1-2 hours, then the pick up time of preschool is coming in soon, it is very rational perfect idea.
However, Yuri only efforts to explain why she “can not” participate it repeatedly. According to listen her description, all of us have lost ideas why she had been in such a panic. The point of topic was just ‘participating English classes’ though, all of us had been fallen into the state of confusion.

Later, I’ve realised that she just wanted to avoid participating and study English. Then, she would better to say ‘I don’t want to participate classes, because I don’t want to study English’. If she did so honestly, nobody was in the state of confusion, nothing had become such a troublesome big confusion issue.
Yuri’s telling reason was just an expression of her honest feeling which she does not want to attend English classes though, Yasushi Tamaki had made this issue into a bigger problem. He was just a temporary guest for only 1 week, he was not a leader of this group, but he started to take control in front of us. This is really impolite behave for us, so Mr. Moustache made all to close the meeting discussion, because Yasushi must make things to be more confused, Mr. Moustache and me already fully realised.

(To be continued)

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [8]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,

and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Within January 31st to March 31st 2012, other a few Japanese persons also had come to Mangalore by information of Mr. Moustache and me on the internet(Twitter, Facebook etc), because many people who wanted to escape from Japan were there these Social Networks sites. The first group of this Japanese Township project was consists of 37 years old mother with her son(3 years old) and 21 years old young lady, they had arrived at Bangalore International Airport on March 14th 2012, I went for Bangalore Airpot to pick them up, because Mr. Moustache requested me to do it. Therefore, I went for Bangalore by only myself from Mangalore by night bus. I succeeded to pick them up at the exit of Arrival lobby of Bangalore Airport and accompanied with them towards Mangalore by airplane flight.

Since this first group had arrived at Mangalore, burden for my body increased a little, because 37 years old mother: Yuri K. frequently forgot to look after his 3 years old son: Daisuke K. even along the roadside. Whenever she had forgotten it, I tried to caught Daisuke for save his safety from vehicles, it made me very tired.
I’m not sure whether this was the reason though, anyway my physical condition became very bad on March 18th, I was transferred to hospital, and stayed in hospital for 2 nights, among one of them I was in ICU.

My patient’s report said it was just a virus fever.
However, I felt so nervous about hospital’s charge, because our budget is very limited one, we don’t have any assets or property in Japan either. Fortunately, hospital charge was not expensive compared with Japanese ones, but for these 2 days hospital life made me to feel stress about my worrying for hospital charges…..

(To be continued)

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [5]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Mr. Moustache and me were not satisfied with “Integrated total briefing about the structure of Japanese Township Project”, but it was time up to stay of S. Adiga, hewent back to USA. For the first week of our stay in Mangalore, we were just brought away place to place only, without previously guidance with description. Since we were in Japan, Mr. Moustache had sent his all ideas to S. Adiga through a Japanese business consultant who introduced S. Adiga to us, but still anyone need the previous guidance with description is required, anyone need the integrated total briefing is required, because this project is huge scale expected which is required the cooperation by a plenty number of people.

Within the first week of our stay in Mangalore, we moved from the first good hotel towards more reasonable hotel, because we never wanted to waste our limited budget. We moved one budget hotel which hotel manager is a long term friend of Ravi Raj Rao for last 25 years.
We needed to find out the temporary room to stay also, it should be reasonable, I do hope.
I do not like the thinking as “Japanese should stay at rich place”, because really rich Japanese people are not all, and I have not become to be rich in my past whole life, so I would get serious damage by such a foreigners’ wrong misunderstanding.
Anytime, I just prefer to save cost in my life.

(To be continued)

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [4]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

In the morning of January 31st, Mr. Moustache, Japanese business consultant Mr.K and me were at Bangalore a International Airport, in order to leave for Mangalore with NRI in USA; Sadashiv Adiga. S. Adiga gave us the voucher of E-ticket, and we left from Bangalore to Mangalore by early morning flight. It was just 1 hour flight.
When we launched on Mangalore International Airport, friends of Sadashiv Adiga: Mr. Ravi Raj Rao and S. Kumar came to catch us. They brought us to one of the best hotel in Mangalore city, a brother of Dr. R. Adiga came to meet us also, they welcomed us so much, but I was personally worrying about our budget, because hotel grade was too good for us, seemed very expensive.

Sadashiv Adiga can stay in Mangalore for this time’s stay is only one week, our activities were as in the below photo files.

These seems like that this arrangement was extremely good though, I felt a doubt personally, because we could not discuss about the details for our ‘Japanese Township Project” with Sadashiv Adiga. He told us that we should ask anything what we want against Ravi Raj. However, I felt that we should discuss about proceedings and the detailed briefing from overview side how to proceed things well. Such a guidance was never there, I was wondering why they did not do it. It was the first time to visit India for Mr. Moustache and me, so we needed such a BASIC guidance about India, but it was nothing……….
These several days schedule was full of inspection and some discussion only, but “integrated total briefing” was no there. I thought it was a partial arrangement, to be honest…

(To be continued)

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [2]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Next day of the arrival at India, one Japanese business consultant Mr. K and one Japanese mother Mrs. M who is escaping from radioactive disasters from Japan have visited us at our staying lodge. One more Indian guy Shah has come also with Mrs. M, tie seemed like that he helped Mrs. M.

Mrs. M, Mr. Moustache and me had understand that Japan is suffering from radioactive disasters from Nuclear plant disasters of March 2011 though, Japanese consultant Mr. K do not take serious about it, so our understating with that disaster is different actually…..

Anyway, Mr. Moustache and me asked them to accompany with shopping, we had to a few shirts and a few pants(trousers), because we wasted almost all our cloths in Japan, they were contaminated by radioactive materials…that’s why.

We’ve gone to a big shopping mall and bought minimum daily use cloths, like a few shirts, a few pants(trousers), a few underwear, minimum quantity only.
After Mrs. M and Shah left from us, we asked Mr. K to help us to find out other budget hotel.
Our budget request was below Rs2,000 per night though, a driver of Mr. K was trying to look for the ones which budget is above Rs4,000, so Mr. Moustache and me were wondering “WHY???”. It looked like this driver did not listen our request budget range, so three of us: Mr. K, Mr. Moustache and me requested driver strongly: “Just go to a hotel which we suggest PLEASE!!”. I’ve found out one budget hotel in my having guidebook on India, I had thought it might be fine, so we asked a driver to go there.
(Later, Mr. Moustache and me has known that most of Indian guys do not listen our request, even if our side request and suggestion would be appropriate and correct……..)

We’ve moved to another budget hotel and checked in, then we could get a better WiFi connection facilities. Previous budget lodge’s WiFi network condition was never good. We need a good internet connection facilities in order to contact with Japan and other stakeholders in India etc.

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [1]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

Almost midnight of January 22nd 2012, Mr. Moustache and me departed from Japan towards India, transit point was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Transit time was more than a half day, we had arrived at Bangalore, India in the midnight of January 23rd, almost January 24th.

In order to avoid the unfair overcharging, I had checked our having guidebook on India, I’ve found out that using “pre-paid taxi” would be rather safety. Therefore, we went to the prepaid-taxi place of Bangalore International Airport, we had caught up a taxi.
From Airport to our first destination, means a hotel which I had booked on the net, it was about 1 hour transportation, I beware of everything so much, because still I was influenced by negative image with India which I had got from Japan’s life.
On the way from airport to hotel, I had seen greenery scenes even though it was midnight timing, I felt it seemed like Bali Island(Indonesia) nature.

We had reached at the hotel without any trouble though, one small trouble had happen when we checked in the hotel. I could not find out a booking voucher paper which I had make a printout already. I tried to look for, but I could not find out. English was not available at reception, I asked the reception about our booking, they told me that they don’t know.

As a result, they accepted us to check in anyway, fortunately. Therefore, we did not have to miss our lodging at the first stay in India of our lives.

Why and how I came to India? [40]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

For our departure from Japan to India, we booked the airplane tickets and arranged Indian visa in January, 2012.

In the evening of January 21st 2012, Mr.Moustache and me went for his mother’s apartment to stay for one night together, because he had already resolved his preparedness mind to farewell for his mother in his life, his mother is already very old……

We stayed in his mother’s apartment for a night of January 21st 2012, then January 22nd evening was our departure timing, until then we prepared the final preparation to buy a small bag for travelling with rain coats etc. We went for one ethnic items shops to meet one person who knows Bangalore, India also, but as a result it had become to waste our time, her topics were not so useful for us, she criticised Mangalore’s weather only……

I felt so sorry with Mr. Moustache, because he wanted to spend his last time with his mother……it must be the last time to spend their time together in his life……..of my god…….how sad thing……..

Anyway, we departed from his mother’s apartment in the evening of January 22nd 2012, and we headed for Narita International Airport, with our strong preparedness mind……

Incredible Indian Dog!

These photos were taken on March 7th, 2014.
Mr.Moustache and me have seen this dog in front of one budget hotel in Mangalore, he had been bringing ‘Parle G’ biscuit which many Indian dogs love.

He sat on the concrete ground and had been staring the packet of Parle G calmly and quietly for a while.

Then, he sincerely started to open this packet of Parle G by using of his own mouth, he never tried to open it by too much active way, he tried to do it extremely calmly and quietly.
We had been keeping to watch his behave, because it was not so usual scene for us.

After a little while, he succeeded to open this Parle G packet by his own mouth only, like human beings do by their hands, it was really ‘educated behave’.

He started to eat it by each one piece sincerely and gently, and he realised that we had been staring him for a while continuously.

He smiled gently to us, it looked like he was saying:’This is delicious’…
Wow, how brilliant dog he is……he is smart indeed, incredible Indian dog!!

Why and how I came to India? [38]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

The schedule which we were planning to come to India at first was within December 2011.
However, Mr. “NRI in USA” informed us that nothing would be ongoing well within December, because it is Christmas season. Mr. Moustache and me thought of Christmas in Japan, we could agree with it from imagination of Christmas in Japan & other places.

Therefore, our departure had been postponed about 1 month later. Meanwhile this postpone 1 month, we had to obtain something budget to facilitate the project. But still, nobody would invest……
Some people said: “I will cooperate with you”, however, most of their words and demands in reality were: “After everything would be set up, I will come” or “I have no budget, just please help me with fee charge forever”……almost all were like this.

Then, what Mr. Moustache and me had to decide was, we should sell our own times to make money. To tell the truth, Mr. Moustache had made his life by selling items on internet auction since directly after March 11th 2011, means since after Earthquake disasters.
One of the reason is, Mr. Moustache had been dedicating to facilitate his idea of “Japanese commune in outside of Japan” since directly after this Earthquake disasters. One other reason is, his clients: almost all of automobile industrial companies headquarters had decided to escape from Japan to abroad by sake of this Earthquake Disasters and Nuclear Plant Disasters. Then, all of scheduled 2011’s works on new automobile products across Japan in 2011 were disappeared basically as of end of March 2011, Mr. Moustache’s scheduled all 2011’s works were disappeared also accordingly.
These disappearing’s reason had come from Earthquake disasters and Nuclear Plant Disasters. Automobile industry is a huge industry in Japan, it has a strong influence power against Government and society, therefore this escaping of automobile companies express that Japanese economy must die in future, it must be…

Actually, photography master of Mr. Moustache had already given him some photography items to sell, for save Mr. Moustache’s life.
Both of him and me had to decide to sell our own items in our room, because we had no any property in Japan.
(If we own something property in Japan, we must have a huge amount of debt though, haha. Because owning property in Japan is the same as just getting huge debt in their life……)

Why and how I came to India? [36]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

During November, December 2011 & January 2012, we had been continuing to search a good teammate to facilitate our project in India. But as I have mentioned, we could not find out anybody. Some people just wanted to rely on with free riding, other some people have NO brave itself to go outside of Japan, some people did not want to go India by reason of having negative bad image against India, some people have no any business sense, some people told us their positive excuses logics only, some people said only complaint to others……unfortunately almost all the people did not have potential to work together…..

This kind of happen was absolutely out of my expectation….because I had expected that more superior (than me) persons must be appear and I must be leaked from the recruitment for this project. However, nobody had appeared after all, at least until our departure towards India. Our project has public sense to save children & youth, this has common missionary theme, therefore Mr.Moustache and me thought at least a few or several superior persons must be appeared…… But, nobody has appeared…….
I had already disappointed with Japanese since a long time ago though, but I thought that a few superior persons must be remained in Japan…..however, we could not find out anyone in reality……..