What Happened To Us After Coming To India [3]

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Since we had checked in the 2nd hotel in Bangalore, we had to wait for a contact from Mr. Sadashiv Adiga, NRI in USA who had introduced India to us. Because he would brought and introduced us to some people in Mangalore.

During we had been waiting for a contact from S. Adiga, we had explored the neighbours area around our staying hotel, mainly by walking.
We had found out that India is not so danger place like many of various countries’ people say:”Very very danger place”. About Bangalore city area, I felt that the scenery of city looks like Hanoi, Vietnam, and English is useful language in there.
As a result, we had stayed in Bangalore for one week to wait for a contact from S Adiga.
I felt a little bit nervous to spend these days in there, because passing dates would make our budget less day by day. Almost any foreigners misunderstand that all Japanese are rich, but our budget was not. If we were originally rich, we don’t have to try to settle down in India, because really rich people can buy the investors visa of some other countries. However, such a rich Japanese people is very less in reality, so we had to search for somewhere else.

Contact from Sadashiv Adiga told us that we would launch in Mangalore in the morning of January 31st, 2012. Oh, we wasted our budget for fully 7 days……..

(To be continued)

Why and how I came to India? [38]

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The schedule which we were planning to come to India at first was within December 2011.
However, Mr. “NRI in USA” informed us that nothing would be ongoing well within December, because it is Christmas season. Mr. Moustache and me thought of Christmas in Japan, we could agree with it from imagination of Christmas in Japan & other places.

Therefore, our departure had been postponed about 1 month later. Meanwhile this postpone 1 month, we had to obtain something budget to facilitate the project. But still, nobody would invest……
Some people said: “I will cooperate with you”, however, most of their words and demands in reality were: “After everything would be set up, I will come” or “I have no budget, just please help me with fee charge forever”……almost all were like this.

Then, what Mr. Moustache and me had to decide was, we should sell our own times to make money. To tell the truth, Mr. Moustache had made his life by selling items on internet auction since directly after March 11th 2011, means since after Earthquake disasters.
One of the reason is, Mr. Moustache had been dedicating to facilitate his idea of “Japanese commune in outside of Japan” since directly after this Earthquake disasters. One other reason is, his clients: almost all of automobile industrial companies headquarters had decided to escape from Japan to abroad by sake of this Earthquake Disasters and Nuclear Plant Disasters. Then, all of scheduled 2011’s works on new automobile products across Japan in 2011 were disappeared basically as of end of March 2011, Mr. Moustache’s scheduled all 2011’s works were disappeared also accordingly.
These disappearing’s reason had come from Earthquake disasters and Nuclear Plant Disasters. Automobile industry is a huge industry in Japan, it has a strong influence power against Government and society, therefore this escaping of automobile companies express that Japanese economy must die in future, it must be…

Actually, photography master of Mr. Moustache had already given him some photography items to sell, for save Mr. Moustache’s life.
Both of him and me had to decide to sell our own items in our room, because we had no any property in Japan.
(If we own something property in Japan, we must have a huge amount of debt though, haha. Because owning property in Japan is the same as just getting huge debt in their life……)

Why and how I came to India? [32]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

After Mr.Moustache and me had backed Japan from Bali Island(Indonesia), I first visited Mr.Moustache’s apartment for inspection. I wanted to save my monthly rent cost, so I proposed him to shift my items and would surrender my own living shared house.
In order to save our total life cost, we decided so. We had no any budget to come to India, so at least we had to save our life cost……

Among those days until I finished to shift my items towards his room, I’ve got illness for a week, it made things delayed……
Anyway, we tried to do what we could try…..translation of website of one Indian SEZ(Special Economic Zone) also, for build up connection with India….like this……

And, on November 13th, Mr. Moustache and me finally could meet at first time with “Mr.NRI in USA”, because he had come to Tokyo by other business issue. At that time, we could captured that we would be going to India in reality……

At this meeting, what “Mr.NRI in USA” answered for our questions was….only “Okay”, “It can be” and “No Problem”…..therefore I personally thought “Is everything truly Okay???” in my mind……
Chinese people often says “No Problem” also, however they mention about doubt things also….so we can judge more properly……then, how’s Indian people from this view….???

Why and how I came to India? [19]

*Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’

Then, what is required at first for foundation of ‘Japanese autonomous district(Japanese Township)’?
This idea is not just general ‘commune’, not just an industrial township either, it is absolutely a foundation of autonomous district, even the size would be extremely tiny tiny one. The most important is the concept. As I’ve mentioned, I could understand this master plan image by the example of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is SAR, i.e. Special Administrative Region. Among Hong Kong was a territory of UK, it developed so much by their original way. Besides, Hong Kong was initially a place where many emigrants had come and made a development of city by their own efforts. This Japanese Township is the same image like this Hong Kong history, like a tiny tiny spot of Japan which is outside of Japan territory. Yes, like an enclave. The most requirement is the mind to efforts by ourselves & themselves who would be concerned, with the exactly entrepreneur mind. Because making a city itself is a business also.

However, in order to establish such a district, the higher level of politics negotiation is required also. Mr. Moustache had heard from one NRI(Non-resident Indian) in USA that he would be able to negotiate with Justice Minister of Indian Central Government about this special residential permit. This is the reason why he selected India as his destination. (i.e. We never selected India if such an information had not come from this NRI(Non-resident Indian).) Mr.Moustache had tried to find out a place where he would be able to make this township idea true, therefore he visited USA and asked one businessperson who owns company in Vietnam also among April-June 2011, but he could not find the suitable conditions place.
Anyway, this one NRI(Non-resident Indian) in USA made our destination exactly, this is the only one reason why we selected India as our immigrant destination.
If he did not mention like ‘I would be able to negotiate with Justice Minister of Indian Central Government about this special residential permit’, we would never select India………
Honestly speaking, I doubted it……but Mr. Moustache had believed it indeed, therefore I followed him also. I had heard he is a Brahman, he is in a family of importance in his hometown in India, it was the reason why I believed Mr. Moustache’s word.

Anyway, this NRI(Non-resident Indian) gent’s word made our immigrant destination for reality…
Without this NRI gent’s word, we would never select India……