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Video: Yamanakadani Cherry Blossom Festival

New video was uploaded on our YouTube channel: Chobi Studio. This video is about “Yamanakadani Cherry Blossom Festival” which was held in Yamanakadani, Hannan-city, Osaka Prefecture of Japan, on Sunday, April 7th, 2019. Yamanakadani is in Hannan city of Osaka … Continue reading

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M6.1 Earthquake in Osaka, Japan

In the morning of June 18th 2018, M6.1 earthquake had hit Osaka area, Japan. It reminded me of two terrified earthquake memories in my life, in 1995 & 2011. *Ref: Why and how I came to India? [2] https://qingxiang129.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/why-i-came-to-india-2/ Why … Continue reading

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Tiny Taiwanese Restaurant

Yesterday(February 27th, 2018), we’ve had lunch at one tiny Taiwanese restaurant in Osaka city area. We’ve ever been to there a few times already. These are all delicious, the taste is not “Japanese-Chinese food”, this tastes for me is really … Continue reading

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Personal Impression As Of June 23rd, 2016

Below content is my post on Facebook which I have posted on my Facebook timeline on June 23rd, 2016. —————————— Yesterday evening, I’ve arrived at Osaka, Japan. What I can say in a few words is, “Economy is extremely shrink … Continue reading

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Don’t Control Results By Powers

By 2000, in Sport Wushu society of Japan, “dominate” by just a few particular prefecture(province) situation was basically same in Japan also, Tokyo and Osaka dominated almost all events(Wushu Championships in Japan has much more variation of Taolu events by … Continue reading

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