Video: Trip To Hong Kong & Shenzhen

New video was uploaded on our YouTube channel:Chobi Studio.

This video shows the things about my business trip when I’ve been to Hong Kong & Shenzhen in June 2018.

Subtitles: English and Japanese

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Which Cities Will Be Contributing Most To Global GDP by 2030?

This graph says “The cities contributing most to global GDP by 2013”, Top 15 cities worldwide by GDP in 2030 (in billion GBP).


Ranking is as the below.
1. New York-New Jersey City(USA)
2. Shanghai (China)
3. Tianjin (China)
4. Beijing (China)
5. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim (USA)
6. Guangzhou, Guangdong (USA)
7. Shenzhen (China)
8. London-Metro (UK)
9. Chongqing (China)
10. Suzhou, Jiangsu (China)
11. Tokyo (Japan)
12. Jakarta (Indonesia)
13. San Paulo (Brazil)
14. Foshan, Giangdong (China)
15. Wuhan, Hubei (China)

Then, 8 cities of these top 15 are cities in China. About 53% of these 15 countries are China’s cities.