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“Technical Intern Training Program” In Japan [2]

Please beware of “Technical Intern Training Program” of Japan. Not all, but there are some companies whose sole purpose is to “use cheaply” of labor. For 2013~2017, more than 26,000 foreigners who came to Japan under this program has disappeared. … Continue reading

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Dogs Are Extremely Brilliant

The dog in this video is Japanese dog, this is the scene that the owner try to train this dog to learn the way to asking snacks by way of ringing the bell. From such a fact, we can find … Continue reading

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My Past Wushu Life In India [7]

*Category of “My Past Wushu Life In India” https://qingxiang129.wordpress.com/category/my-past-wushu-life-in-india/ Any particular issues have not happened during January 2013. Our boy did not translate well on the phone conversation between K.H and me, so we missed to come to see one … Continue reading

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