Next Serials Will Be Coming

The next serials of “Super Sentai” series will be coming on the air since March 2020.
(Japanese “Super Sentai” series is the original ones of “Power Rangers” which USA produce the remake dramas)

The next one’s title is, “Mashin Sentai Kirameiger(魔進戦隊キラメイジャー)”.

“Mashin Sentai Kirameiger(魔進戦隊キラメイジャー)” is the 44th serials odf “Super Sentai” series.

Interest Rate

Argentina: 56%
Turkey: 19.7%
Iran: 18%
Ukraine: 17%
Egypt: 15.7%
Nigeria: 13.5%
Pakistan: 13.2%
Mexico: 8.25%
Russia: 7.25%
S Africa: 6.5%
Brazil: 6%
Indonesia: 5.75%
India: 5.4%
China: 4.35%
Saudi: 2.75%
US: 2.25%
Canada: 1.75%
UK: 0.75%
Eurozone: 0%
Japan: -0.1%

*The Above info has come from this tweet.

Gender Equality, 2017.

Gender equality, 2017.
1. Iceland
2. Norway
3. Finland
11. France
12. Germany
15. UK
16. Canada
35. Australia
49. US
71. Russia
84. Indonesia
90. Brazil
100. China
108. India
114. Japan
122. Nigeria
131. Turkey
138. Saudi
144. Yemen

(Global Gender Report)

Japan’s place is appropriate for me. Japan7s gender equality is still low…

Believe there is such thing as human rights

Believe there is such thing as human rights.

Turkey: 92%
China: 85%
S Africa: 83%
US: 80%
Germany: 78%
UK: 72%
India: 71%
Australia: 70%
Italy: 67%
Spain: 67%
Russia: 66%
France: 59%
Japan: 56%
Poland: 52%



Yeah, I can agree with the result of Japan. Most of Japanese don’t want to understand what is the human rights, they don’t want to accept another people’s human rights, it’s horrible.

Next “Super Sentai” Serial is…

Next “Super Sentai” series’ serial is “Kaitou Sentai Lupin-ranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger”, which will be start on this February 11th.

“Super Sentai” series had started since 1975 in Japan, this serial is the original motif of “Power Rangers” of USA. Yes, USA just remake these serials, this had started by Japanese original idea in Japan, 17 years earlier than USA’s remake.

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [13]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Age 30’s Japanese mother Yoko S. has experience to stay in USA for 3 years in the past, because of her husband Huroyuki S. was an engineer of Japanese big company and his company had sent him to USA as a residential worker. Therefore, Mr. Moustache(Komori) has expected Yoko’s cooperation as a leader of Japanese mothers’ leader for mothers who would be coming to Mangalore to join our project. But, Yoko just refused this our hope, she had told me:”I don’t want to take any responsibility for it”. It has made me to diappointed with her, to tell the truth.

She wanted to be the first candidate of doing garment business among this Japanese project group, then the first person should take his/her leadership until other someone would be coming up. We thought so.
Anyway, we can not force her to do it, then I had to close my mouth on this firsts day.

(To be continued)

Which Cities Will Be Contributing Most To Global GDP by 2030?

This graph says “The cities contributing most to global GDP by 2013”, Top 15 cities worldwide by GDP in 2030 (in billion GBP).


Ranking is as the below.
1. New York-New Jersey City(USA)
2. Shanghai (China)
3. Tianjin (China)
4. Beijing (China)
5. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim (USA)
6. Guangzhou, Guangdong (USA)
7. Shenzhen (China)
8. London-Metro (UK)
9. Chongqing (China)
10. Suzhou, Jiangsu (China)
11. Tokyo (Japan)
12. Jakarta (Indonesia)
13. San Paulo (Brazil)
14. Foshan, Giangdong (China)
15. Wuhan, Hubei (China)

Then, 8 cities of these top 15 are cities in China. About 53% of these 15 countries are China’s cities.

What Happened To Us After Coming To India [6]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Since S. Adiga went back to USA, we asked Ravi Raj Rao to find out a temporary room for stay. He found out one “1 bad room with kitchen and living room” type apartment though, I was wondering why this room’s rent was Rs16,000…because the lowest price which I’ve seen on the real estate website was Rs8,000 in Mangalore when I’ve checked it. I was wondering funny, but Mr. Moustache did not claimed it, so I followed it…
(From now my remind for the past, I should asked and checked it against Ravi Raj….because all rooms which he arranged were too much costly compared with the average in Mangalore….we found it in later….it was our mistake…..we feel very very regret with these big loss…..)

Also proceeding the main project’s arrangement by Ravi Raj was basically no there since S. Adiga went back to USA. We’ve not met any city corporations’ officers or stakeholders, neither politicians……where Ravi brought us was only real estates sites, property, some tourism places, cultural places……I was wondering why any arrangement for the main project was no there….. Nobody will come for enjoying their long stay in this project, we needed the strong cooperative fundamentals for proceeding the project……
Ravi showed us his big site of property which had just started to launch outside of Mangalore city…..but the location was not good for any foreigners’ stay, infrastructure is poor, shopping facilities were almost nothing nearby, then we can not recommend his site for any foreigners….. Besides, his site did not have any partnership with a big real estate developer, then it would be very difficult to get success in a short period, it takes time, we feel that almost 20 years would be required if he really want to get success by this property site. As soon as Mr. Moustache and me had seen his site, we immediately found this forecast, because we have seen a plenty number of development process in Japan in our past life, we have many real data in our brain…..

(To be continued)

Baccalaureate-origin Institution of PhD graduates in S/E From US Universities

This table says “Baccalaureate-origin Institutions of PhD graduates in S/E From US Universities” in USA.


Below is the ranking in this table.

1. Tsinghua university (China)
2. Beijing University (China)
3. Seoul National University (Korea)
4. Cornell University (USA)
5. University of California-Berkley (USA)
6. National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
8. University of Science and Technology China (China)
9. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
10. Fudan University (China)
11. Nanking University (China)
12. University of Mumbai (India)
13. Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus (USA)
14. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (USA)
15. Shanghai Jiaotong University (China)
16. University of Florida (USA)
17. Nankai Univertisy (China)
18. University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
19. University of Texas at Austin (USA)
20. University of California-Davis (USA)
21. Harvard University (USA)
22. Brigham Young University (USA)
23. University of California-Los Angeles (USA)
24. Zhejiang University (China)
25. China University of Science and Technology (China)

Then, 9 universities in China are in this ranking list.
The name of these universities in China, I know all these names, because these universities are always very famous and advanced level institutions in China for a long long years.