1,300JPY In Total

On this January 4th, I bought a collapsible table and a drawers at the secondhand store in our neighbor.

The price of a collapsible table was 880JPY, means 800JPY(7.70USD) plus 10% consumer tax. The price of drawer was 500USD(4.81USD) plus 10% consumer tax. The base price was 1,300JPY in total.

It was a very good buy for us!!

Bought Another Electric Cooking Pan

For Christmas gift by self, I had bought an electric cooking pan in December 2018.

This electric pan is extremely useful, we have been using it very very much, Therefore, it has been deteriorated so much.

Then, we decided to buy another one, we went for the nearest ‘secondhand items store” to search good one.
Fortunately, we have found a good one with good price, therefore we bought it immediately. The price was 1,650JPY(about 15.8USD), the status of the item was new one although it was sold at secondhand store.

Many of Japanese love to eat “food served in pot” like the below looking. It’s very easy to cook, and this kind of hot menu is very good for cold winter.

Well, we have already completely feel this is very good buy for us, it’s extremely useful one, too.

Big Broccoli

The day before yesterday(March 11th, 2020), I bought about 6kg various vegetables and fruits: cabbage, potatoes, onions, bean sprouts, carrots, apples, bananas and broccoli.
well, that broccoli is very big size compared with the standard in Japan’s regular supermarkets.
Please look at this.
(Angle A)

(Angle B)

It looks like the same size as the cabbage, haha.
This broccoli’s price was 170JPY(about 1.62USD as of today’s rate)
As far as I know, my regular buying broccoli size is about 1/4 of this, the regular one’s price which I often buy is about 130JPY.
This big one is rather valuable price for me……

2 US Dollar “Bento”

Yesterday(March 11th 2020), I bought a pack pf ‘Bento’ at a supermarket.
Bento (弁当, bentō) is a Japanese language vocabulary, is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese cuisines and other Asian cultures where rice is the main staple food.

*”Bento” on Wikipedia English

As far as I know, the average price of Bento at the convenience store is about 500 JPY(about 4.78USD as of the morning rate on March 12th 2020) with consumer tax inclusive. This one which I’ve bought yesterday was particularly reasonable price, the base price is 184 JPY(about 1.76USD) with 8% consumer tax, it’s 189 JPY(about 1.89USD) in total.
Although this 2 USD Bento is particularly reasonable price, many stores/shops try to discount price, because many of people are not allowed to buy expensive food/items. 10 years ago, a Japanese author had expected the era of the average annual income would be 3,000,000 JPY(about 28,641USD). And now, many people on Japanese SNS are telling that their annual income is below 2,000,000 JPY(about 19,094USD). I believe the one of the reason comes from the political intervention by mainly Shinzo Abe’s cabinet. Shinzo Abe has no interest to make the citizens life better, he just wants to collect much monery from the citizens and he just wants to give those money for his friends. Therefore, the tax ratio has been only increasing, and tax deduction has been only decreasing…

It’s a good thing what I can buy a cheap bento, but on the other hand, this kind of issue makes me to worry about the economy condition in Japan also. I’ve ever heard that it’s not easy to buy house or vehicle for the youth in Japan, it seems like they are not afford to buy them. Sounds so sad……

From such a reasonable bento, I consider various things like this……

Video: DAISO Japan “Heat-Resistant Glass Teapot” Review

New video was uploaded on our YouTube channel: Chobi Studio.

Subtitles: English and Japanese

This video mentions the review of “Heat-Resistant Glass Teapot” which I’ve bought at DAISO, famous Japanese JPY100 (1 USD) price shop.

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One Of These Belongs To Own Thing

Yesterday, May 7th 2019, I went for one secondhand items’ shop in Japan.

I bought a package of figure dolls of “Mirai Sentai Timeranger”, Timeranger is the original motif drama of “Power Rangers Time Force(PRTF)”.

Then, how lit looks like is…
Time Red(Red Ranger), Time Pink(Pink Ranger), Time Blue(Blue Ranger), Time Yellow(Yellow Ranger) and Time Green(Green Ranger) of PRTF are there, but…
Time Fire(Quantum Ranger) is not there in this package…

Gao Blue(Blue Ranger) is in this package, this is not Timeranger’s member, this is a member of “Hyakujyu Sentai Gaoranger”, which is the original motif drama of “Power Rangers Wild Force”, means that Gao Blue belongs different team of Power Rangers.

Why this different one was packaged together……???

Video: DAISO Japan “Tripod Type Smartphone Stand” Review

New video was uploaded on our YouTube channel: Chobi Studio.

This one is a review video of “Trypod Type Smartphone Stand” which I’ve bought at DAISO Japan, famous Japanese 100JPY(1 USD) store.
DAISO stores have been spreaded internationally, the branches are there in many countries.

You can see how this product looks like in this video.

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