2020/12/31(THU) Chicken Menu For Christmas

In Japan, the common sense for Christmas season is only December 24th & 25th.
We greet “Merry Christmas!” each other on only Dec 24th & 25th, therefore the items about Christmas would be discounted since December 26th.

Well, as for this year;s Christmas season, I’ve bought a pack of chicken which was flavored with some spices. As far as I know, for these years the main menu of Christmas by Japanese people is chicken, not turkey. Therefore I bought chicken, too.

This package was consists of 3 pieces of chicken legs actually, the selling price was 1,600JPY(about 15.5USD) originally. However, I bought this one in the late timing of night on December 25th, therefore this price was discounted to 800JPY, i.e. it was 50% discount.

Then, does someone think that eating chicken and cake as the particular menu for Christmas night?

2020/12/12(SAT) Potato And Bacon

For my last night’s supper, I cooled a menu by using of potatoes and bacon.

The ingredients are potato and bacon, the seasonings are garam masala, soy sauce and curry powder. I used a microwave oven to heat all of them together.

But, I used a slicer to slice potatoes, then I encountered to got a cutting skin of my thumb. Oh my…

2020/11/21(SAT) Tofu And Bacon

For my today’s breakfast, I cooked a bowl of “Mixed Tofu And Bacon”.

The ingredients are Japanese tofu and bacon, the seasons for this one are black pepper, oyster sauce, garam masala powder, granule chicken glass soup and soy sauce.

I used a microwave oven to heat this one.