20158/07/15(SUN) I’m In Sorrow

Since the late night of the latest Tuesday(July 10th), I’ve been in deep sorrow…..

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Gifts For Chobi 2018

1 month back, we’ve sent some gifts for Chobi and the family whom care about Chobi at the present.

For us, every June is “Month of Chobi” since 2012, by reason of June is a month when we’ve started to become buddy with Chobi each other.

This year, we can not come Chobi’s place directly. So, we tried to send gifts by EMS from Japan to India, where Chobi is there.


May Chobi is always fine and be in safety.
We always always miss her from the bottom of our heart.

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The First Experience of MRI In My Life

On yesterday;June 27th 2018, I’ve got the first experience in my life to have an examination of MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging) at a hospital, by reason of my neck-ache & headache for a long time.

*MRI=Magnetic resonance imaging on Wikipedia

I’ve heard big sounds to have this examination, as a technician has explained it. MRI uses magnetic power, this technology “sounds” interesting.

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Chobi’s Photo In May 2018

This photo of Chobi was taken & sent by a lady who care of Chobi now in Mangalore, India.
We really thank to her & her family. This photo was taken on May 28th 2018.IMG-20180528-WA0001

Oh, May 28th was the before day of Mangalore Flood(May 29th).

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Chobi Loves Sand Hill

This video was uploaded on YouTube, on May 7th 2013.

In this video, Chobi was with her old friend dog, we called him as “Taro-Jii (Senior Taro)” Taro had already passed away a few years ago,¥. When I’ve encountered Chobi at the first time in 2012, she was with Taro.
Taro’s original name is Robi actually, but we called him as “Taro-Jii”, hahaha.

Chobi enjoys to dig sands in this video.
Yes, she loves sand hill soooooo much. When we were in India, on the way of our walking together, she climbed the top of sand hills whenever she would find it. I know almost any dogs love to dig sands, and Chobi also enjoy to climb sand hills at apartment’s construction sites. While she was on the top of sand hills, she seemed like to satisfy very very much to stay on the top of it, haha.

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M6.1 Earthquake in Osaka, Japan

In the morning of June 18th 2018, M6.1 earthquake had hit Osaka area, Japan.
It reminded me of two terrified earthquake memories in my life, in 1995 & 2011.

Why and how I came to India? [2]

Why and how I came to India[7]

Fortunately, myself, Komori & our belongings were safe. But, it made me to terrify soooo much, because I do have horrible memories of huge earthquakes, they are one of my trauma.

M6.1 is not so small level earthquake though, still Government of Japan has not set up “hazard signal system” yet. Hong Kong uses this, and operations of “avoiding hazard control” is going well. I consider that Japan has to do the same thing also, but still now there are only “caution” level. Why Japanese government does not make people to stop commuting when serious disasters would been occurred, even huge nuclear plants disasters had been occurred. Government does not do it, therefore many people would lose their way to back home after earthquake/typhoon etc. It is INSANE!!

I do hope Japanese government will learn from Hon Kong how to control people’s commuting while disasters. Hong Kong are more advanced in some of their activities/issues than Japan.

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We’re Talking About Only? Chobi

On May 29th 2018, Mangalore was suffered from the flood by reason of a cyclone.

Some of Mangaloreans uploaded videos about the flood on YouTube, we could check the situation from those videos.
One of them is about “Chasing the Cyclone Floods in Mangalore”, which one guy recorded the real scenes in the night of the flood’s day.

 From this video, we could see the places where we’ve known, they looked like “Not So Huge Trouble”, it made us to feel better…because we worried about them very much…

This video includes the area where we’ve lived, we could see it also(From 22 minutes 50 seconds to 23 minutes).
It’s not a live-straming one, so we can not request anything this video’s uploader. We just chatted in front of PC’s screen:”Hi, can you go to Chobi’s house?”, “Please go to Chobi’s area”etc, haha.

Chobi’s staying ares must be safe, we think, by reason of the construction situation.
Anyway, we worry about Chobi again, to be continued from Nipha virus issue.
Hope she is always well……

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