Heavy Headache And Vomiting

The day before yesterday, on March 14th 2018, I’ve got heavy headache again and vomited two times on that day. The last same kind of condition had happen on December 5th 2017, it has come twice within the latest 4 months.

Actually, heavy headache has started to attack against me since the night of March 13th, therefore I’ve been suffering from this heavy headache during this whole 24 hours in this week. It was very tough for me.

In such a case, drinking water & eating regular food would make me to vomit again and again, therefore I ate only some fruits, because the enzyme of fruits would be very effective to recover human body’s condition. Also this time, having fruits was effective to recover from bad health condition.

Thanks to enzyme of raw food……

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Why This Video Should Uploaded on 311?

The serials of Indian politoon;”So Sorry” updated a new video on their YouTube channel on this March 11th.
The title is “Modi Ki Tsunami”.

I can understand that this video wants to express what Modi’s influence is strong in India’s territory. But, why this uploading date should be March 11th?
As far as I remember, every updating of “So Sorry” were on weekdays, not Saturday or Sunday in the past. Today; March 11th 2018 is Sunday, not weekday’s updating as usual. Besides, March 11th is not an ordinary day for all of us Japanese since 2011, it is very serious day which we should keep to remember. We call “March 11th” as “311(Three One One, “San Ichi Ichi” in Japanese language)”, it is the day what huge “Earthquakes and Tsunami Disasters” were occurred on March 11th 2011, it is unforgettable serious day for Japanese.
If this “Modi Ki Tsunami” was uploaded on different date, it might be just coincidence, I can feel. But, uploading date was absolutely March 11th itself, this means that they know what “Tsunami and March 11” means.
Therefore, the expression of Modi’s tsunami is not a good sense for me. To be honest, it made me to feel a little bad.

This is the real disasters scene of 311(March 11th, 2011).
I can not understand why someone can use this topic as parody.

From “So Sorry” serials, I have already seen such a sense’s episode against China, Pakistan etc also. Honestly speaking, I’ve felt all those episode came from just misunderstanding those countries’ reality. Although I love “So Sorry”, I don’t want to enjoy those kind of “wrong expression” episodes.

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Praying For 311

Praying for 311; the disasters which had occurred on March 11th, 2011.
We should remember this at all times as long as we will alive.


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Dogs Are Extremely Brilliant [2]

This video is continued from “Dogs Are Extremely Brilliant“, on another day, later.

Wow, this dog had perfectly learned well how to request snacks against her owner by ringing bell. She learned this immediately without hard training or tough exercise, it was just several times’ pattern practice by gently way.

From this video, you/we can find out how dogs are brilliant.
We have to learn dogs’ intelligence, hahaha.


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Chobi Loves Meat Stick Anytime

This video was uploaded to YouTube on April 17th 2013.

In this video, Chobi looks at camera whenever she bites meat stick each one bite.
She eats meat stick by not raid speed, bites it carefully, we feel so from her eating scene. Her eating behave looks very gently, looks so cute.

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Dogs Are Extremely Brilliant

The dog in this video is Japanese dog, this is the scene that the owner try to train this dog to learn the way to asking snacks by way of ringing the bell.

From such a fact, we can find out that dogs are very brilliant and they can learn many things by “pattern practice”. In such a training case, the requirement is the patience of owners or trainers or educators.
Our beloved buddy Indian dog: Chobi is also very brilliant, she had learned such a requesting way without our training, she learned it by only herself, it was really surprised thing!!

Yes, dogs are originally brilliant indeed.
We should understand this point, for better relationship between dogs and people.

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Tiny Taiwanese Restaurant

Yesterday(February 27th, 2018), we’ve had lunch at one tiny Taiwanese restaurant in Osaka city area.
We’ve ever been to there a few times already.
These are all delicious, the taste is not “Japanese-Chinese food”, this tastes for me is really Chinese style of East/Southeast Asian region.

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