“Aitaiyo(I Want To See You)” Mika Katsumura

This is one of my favorite songs, sung in Japanese language, from Japan.

This is one of the featured songs(soundtrack) from Japanese drama: “Mirai Sentai Timeranger”, which is the original serials of America’s “Power Rangers Time Force(PRTF)”. “Timeranger” was made in 2000, “Power Rangers Time Force(PRTF)” was made in 2001, almost all action scenes of PRTF had came from “Timeranger”, the outline of plot of PRTF had come from Timeranger, too.

Now, “Super Sentai Series”-Japanese origin Power Rangers series’ serial quantity is already 41, already 40 years passed from the beginning.
However, my most favorite Super Sentai serials is still Timeranger, as ever.
It is really excellent drama. I strongly recommend it.

*Timeranger on Wikipedia

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2018/01/15(MON) I’ve Got Rilakkuma’s Mascot

For a month, my physical condition has been not well by sake of heavy cold climate. Therefore, I’ve gone to hospital to have a consultation of doctor.
After then, I went for a shopping mall to buy a few items for making room condition to avoid the cold climate’s sufferings.
At MacDonald’s of that shopping mall, I’ve got a small mascot of “Rilakkuma” through kids menu set, this includes small toy for children.

I love such a cute item, haha.

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“Flowers Have Blossomed” S.H.E

This is one of my favorite song, sung in Chinese(Mandarin) language, from Taiwan.

This is the theme song of Taiwanese drama: “Love of Roses”. The original story is from Japanese cartoon:”For The Roses’ Sake”, I like this cartoon, too.

*”For The Roses’ Sake” on Wikipedia (English version)


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2018/01/13(SAT) Delicious Tuna Rice Bowl

In Japan, eating “Tuna Rice Bowl” at outside restaurant or food court is not cheap actually.
So, we went to buy raw tuna materials at supermarket, we could get them by a half price of regular price, then we made Tuna Rice Bowl by ourselves at my room.

Then, total cost per head has become only 25% one of having the same menu at the food court of the nearest shopping center from my room. It is more reasonable, we enjoyed to taste it, haha.

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Mascots’ Country Japan

In Japan, mascots gives a press meeting at press club.

This is not a joke contents, not fiction, this is true press meeting at real “Foreigners’ Journalist Club” in Japan.
Look at this content’s YouTube channel, it is an official YouTube channel of “France-Japan Corroborative TV Broadcasting Division”.

This is one of the real Japan’s face in current Japan society.

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2018/01/13(SAT) Very Big Hamburg

In the night of January 10th, we bought a big hamburg at supermarket.BigHumburg04The size of this hamburg is about 25cm, the weight is 852g, we could get this with 30% discount from the original price: 843JPY, means that our buying price was  590JPY.BigHumburg01
This hamburg is too big for one time’s dinner, therefore Mr. Mustache has made smaller pieces from this big one for a few times’ dinner. BigHumburg02
Then, they were cooked.BigHumburg03
The taste is very very delicious, we used Sukiyaki sauce for this, it was the best matching!!
We enjoy this menu so much, haha.

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Press RElease of “Arduino CHOBI” Is On PR Site

Press Release of our crowdfunding campaogn:”World’s Smallest Arduino Pro Compatible CHOBI” is now on Pressbox.co.uk.


Please support this campaign for more development of Arduino culture, PCB(prototyping board) culture.
We indeed welcome your support!!

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