2017/05/01(MON) Suffering From Cataract

Since the mid of this March, my eyes condition was not well.
I’ve had tests at eye cocci, it proved that I’ve suffered from cataract, which is caused by low eye power.

Therefore, any activities in my life s extremely inconvenience.
Hope it will get well in the earliest future.

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7th “311” Has Come

Now, 7th “311” – March 11th has come again.
Since March 11th 2011, my heart always remember this date at all times, by reason of huge shocking things have happened in Japan on March 11th – 15th 2011.

If this “311” disasters did not happen, it must be that I have never come to India in my whole life, to be honest I had wanted to live in Hong Kong or Malaysia, not India.
Still, I’m always longing for these places(not India), hope something opportunity would be happen to be able to go there in my life…I hope so…

Anyway, I really pray for all, I can never forget this date until I will pass away from this world.
May such a sad disasters will never be happened……

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Internet Speeds in Asia

This picture says one example of “Internet Speed in Asia”, this source comes from OOIDA Net Index.


Roughly ranking is as bellow.
This speed effort must be the average of whole countries or regions. Because, for example in Japan, there are 100Mbps FTTH services for individual users.

1. Hong Kong 78.3Mbps
2. Singapore 66.6Mbps
3. Japan 44.5Mbps
4. Taiwan 39.3Mbps
5. China 19.5Mbps
6. Thailand 18.9Mbps
7. Vietnam 14.2Mbps
8. Cambodia 5.9Mbps
9. Brunei 5.51Mbps
10. Malaysia 5.48Mbps
11. Myanmar 5.0Mbps
12. Laos 4.5Mbps
13. Indonesia 4.3Mbps
14. Philippines 3.5Mbps

Then……where is India???
I’ve heard that “India is a great IT country” though……
Even in India, business firm use the high speed network though, I feel the fastest services have not provided yet for individual users like Japan, Hong Kong etc…

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“Doing Business” Ranking 2017 by World Bank[4]

This list says that “Doing Business” ranking 2017 edition which was published by World Bank.


61st-80th places’ countries are as below.

61. Greece
62. Costa Rica
63. Bahrain
64. Mongolia
65. Azerbaijan
66. Oman
67. Jamaica
68. Morocco
69. Turkey
70. Panama
71. Botswana
72. Brunei Darussalam
73. Bhutan
74. South Africa
75. Kyrgyz Republic
76. Malta
77. Tunisia
78. China
79. San Marino
80. Ukraine

Well, China is coming at 78th place. I think this place would be raise up from now on.
74th place is South Africa, wow, although India has not appeared in this ranking yet during 1st-80th, South Africa has appeared? So incredible!
Yes, recently many Chinese people have already launched their business activities in African area, some young Japanese do it also.

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Chinese New Year 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wish all of you more prosperous year with happiness life.


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My Past Wushu Life In India [7]

*Category of “My Past Wushu Life In India”

Any particular issues have not happened during January 2013.
Our boy did not translate well on the phone conversation between K.H and me, so we missed to come to see one championship in Northern India.

In the beginning of February 2013, K.H. And me talked on messenger chat of Facebook. He had mentioned about the possibility of me to become a Indian National Wushu Team coach. I was very surprised with it, because I did not imagine it. We had promised to meet and discuss about it, when he would be able to take his time to come Delhi.

I surely have the proper experience of Wushu training from real Chinese coaches in Japan for a long time, I did imagine the technical level of majority player in India was incredible lower than Japan……but still, I was surprised with this talk with him……I’ll be a National Team coach??? Is it true???

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to ALL!!
Wish all of you the best for coming this new year.


I’m eager to obtain another good job or business opportunity in somewhere else.
Hope I will be able to get it, hope I can tie up with people who can cooperate well each other.



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