2018/09/04(TUE) Typhoon Is Approaching

Today, typhoon (cyclone) is approaching to West part of Japan in the morning of today, September 4th 2018….
The weather is already rainy outside of my room now…..(10:49am now0

Hope things would not be going to worse…..

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Buying This At Used Items’ Shop

The day before yesterday(August 26th), we bought this one at used(secondhand) items’ shop in Japan, the buying price was JPY216 including consumer tax 8%. It’s about 2 USD cost.
Yes, this is very cheap price in Japan, even if it would be an used item.
This is very valuable buying for us.

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I Angry Against Our Government

In the first week of last month: July 2018, huge floods disasters had occurred in the West part of Japan.

This was one of the most serious & huge level among the whole flood disasters’ history of Japan.

Then, can you guess what our Prime Minister did, when this flood disasters have occurred?
This photo says the answer.
This party was held in the night of July 5th, this is the night when the heavy rain had been continuing & serious floods have occurred. Even though they got to know about that floods, they did NOT stop this party.

Moreover, our PM and current parliament NEVER did anything to rescue victims during 72 hours since that floods had started to attack the places. Because they were just crazy about arranging the corruption for the upcoming election of the main political party.

Although many nations criticized our government, all members of parliament/ministers & all attendant of this party NEVER apologized.
What a shameful & terrible government, the current ABE parliament is the WORST one in the Japan history from 1945.
They are destroying Japan……

I truly pray for the recovery of all victim people…….I’m really sad…..

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20158/07/15(SUN) I’m In Sorrow

Since the late night of the latest Tuesday(July 10th), I’ve been in deep sorrow…..

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Gifts For Chobi 2018

1 month back, we’ve sent some gifts for Chobi and the family whom care about Chobi at the present.

For us, every June is “Month of Chobi” since 2012, by reason of June is a month when we’ve started to become buddy with Chobi each other.

This year, we can not come Chobi’s place directly. So, we tried to send gifts by EMS from Japan to India, where Chobi is there.


May Chobi is always fine and be in safety.
We always always miss her from the bottom of our heart.

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The First Experience of MRI In My Life

On yesterday;June 27th 2018, I’ve got the first experience in my life to have an examination of MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging) at a hospital, by reason of my neck-ache & headache for a long time.

*MRI=Magnetic resonance imaging on Wikipedia

I’ve heard big sounds to have this examination, as a technician has explained it. MRI uses magnetic power, this technology “sounds” interesting.

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Chobi’s Photo In May 2018

This photo of Chobi was taken & sent by a lady who care of Chobi now in Mangalore, India.
We really thank to her & her family. This photo was taken on May 28th 2018.IMG-20180528-WA0001

Oh, May 28th was the before day of Mangalore Flood(May 29th).

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