We’re Talking About Only? Chobi

On May 29th 2018, Mangalore was suffered from the flood by reason of a cyclone.

Some of Mangaloreans uploaded videos about the flood on YouTube, we could check the situation from those videos.
One of them is about “Chasing the Cyclone Floods in Mangalore”, which one guy recorded the real scenes in the night of the flood’s day.

 From this video, we could see the places where we’ve known, they looked like “Not So Huge Trouble”, it made us to feel better…because we worried about them very much…

This video includes the area where we’ve lived, we could see it also(From 22 minutes 50 seconds to 23 minutes).
It’s not a live-straming one, so we can not request anything this video’s uploader. We just chatted in front of PC’s screen:”Hi, can you go to Chobi’s house?”, “Please go to Chobi’s area”etc, haha.

Chobi’s staying ares must be safe, we think, by reason of the construction situation.
Anyway, we worry about Chobi again, to be continued from Nipha virus issue.
Hope she is always well……

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Mangalore Flood 2018

On May 29th 2018, Mangalore was suffered from the flood by reason of heavy rain.

I stayed in Mangalore during February 2012~June 2017 , myself did not have such a flood experience in there.
Although I’ve ever mentioned the importance of “Flood Control” against one state level politician, he just missed to meet us in order to discuss about it.

My native place] Japan is a region which is FULL of various disasters, so Japanese have many tips & hints about flood control also. However, that politician just missed to know about it while we were in India……

Then, what happened to Mangalore?
Still now, the effective flood control system & technology is very less to be available…..how regret it is……

What I feel from this issue is…..
I should always try to learn anything, anyone, any cases etc, etc, etc at all times in my life…. Usually, it would bring many beneficial things to you, to us……

Anyway, we just worry about Chobi and her all friends…
Hope anyone would be safe anytime……

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Japan Is Facing This Crisis

Yes, Japan is facing this crisis: “All Work, No Sex, Means No Future”.

The number of aged dying people while they are working are increasing year by year, because there is a big problem of the shortage of labors…..

However, Government of Japan want to make all aged people to work hard until they would die, in order to reduce all pension money although they paid a huge amount of money for their own pension. It is CHEATING by government…….it’s a fraud……

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“Eight Square Meters” Apartment

This apartment is located in Tokyo(Japan), the room size is Eight Square Meters only.

The rent fee is USD690 per one month.

How tiny it is, hahaha.

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Nipah Virus Rreaches Mangalore

I’ve heard that Nipah Virus reached Mangalore.

It seems like that dogs would not be affected by this, however Komori and me worry about Chobi.
We always always think of Chobi…..at all times……

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Night Walking With Chobi In The Past [2]

Continued from “Night Walking With Chobi In The Past“.

The below video was uploaded on April 30th 2013.

In that night, we had encountered Chobi coincidentally on our way our house. We were surprised to see her coincidentally, because that place was not so near from our staying house then.
She was really excited to see us when she encountered us.

Then, this video is the scene that Chobi & us were heading for our house after she encountered us on our way to house, haha.

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Snapshots Of My Eating Food

The below photos of snapshots of my eating food within these a few months.

Japanese TONKATSU(Fried Pork) on April 10th, 2018.

Japanese “Curry and Rice” on May 5th, 2018.

TONGGANG TEA and AN’NIN DOUFU on May 5th, 2018.

The package of Japanese rice, with Japanese famous mascot: “KUMAMON”.

Buffet style dinner on May 25th, 2018.

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