This Made Me Feel Disappointed AGAIN

I’ve been encountered and suffered bad feeling things from Indian Wushu society for a long time.

Then, one more sad issue has occurred.


This issue has made me to feel disappointed with them AGAIN.
Because, this kind of issue is shameful thing.

This is the disgrace against Wushu itself, also against all of great Wushu masters/coaches/teachers/players etc, etc, etc, against all the serious and sincere people across globe.

How sad it is…..

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What Happened To Us After Coming To India [13]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Age 30’s Japanese mother Yoko S. has experience to stay in USA for 3 years in the past, because of her husband Huroyuki S. was an engineer of Japanese big company and his company had sent him to USA as a residential worker. Therefore, Mr. Moustache(Komori) has expected Yoko’s cooperation as a leader of Japanese mothers’ leader for mothers who would be coming to Mangalore to join our project. But, Yoko just refused this our hope, she had told me:”I don’t want to take any responsibility for it”. It has made me to diappointed with her, to tell the truth.

She wanted to be the first candidate of doing garment business among this Japanese project group, then the first person should take his/her leadership until other someone would be coming up. We thought so.
Anyway, we can not force her to do it, then I had to close my mouth on this firsts day.

(To be continued)

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“Doing Business” Ranking 2017 by World Bank[3]

This graph says that “Doing Business” ranking 2017 edition which was published by World Bank.


41st~60th places’ countries as below.

41. Hungary
42. Belgium
43. Croatia
44. Moldova
45. Cyprus
46. Thailand
47. Mexico
47. Serbia
49. Mauritius
50. Italy
51. Montenegro
52. Israel
53. Colombia
54. Peru
55. Puerto Rico (U.S)
56. Rwanda
57. Chile
58. Albania
59. Luxembourg
60. Kosovo

Thailand and Italy are coming, Belgium and Luxembourg also.

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My Past Wushu Life In India[6]

*Category of “My Past Wushu Life In India”

As for end of 2012, my colleague(one more Japanese) and my feeling was “stay in India as long as possible”, it means:”permanently, if possible”. Therefore, I have answered it against e-mail which replied from President of WAI(Wushu Association of India).

As a result, I had to waste my time in 2012, because any response had not come from both WAI and KWA(Karnataka Wushu Association”. For foreigners, this kind of happenings is really really “wasting of time”, I felt so sad with this…

After 2012 had end, I got one phone call from a key person of WAI, one of Indian National Team coach: K.H from Northern India. At that time, I was not so used to listen Northern Indian English pronunciation, I asked our boy to translate it(Although it was mistake, I’ve found it later though….).
Anyway, WAI sounds like to welcome me….
Hope things would be going well and smooth since then……

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This is one of the sad truth…

Do you thinks Japan is a heaven on this earth?
At least, it’s not so much for women, because…..

One third of Japanese women sexually harassed at work…
I have experienced this also in my past life in Japan, although I was not so charming lady. This is one of the reason why many women from many other countries dislike Japanese male.

Any type of harassment is very bad behave, all of us should consider this kind of problems seriously to solve them.

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For Animal Care Trust, Mangalore

This July, one Japanese lady who is a great fan of Chobi gave her lovely gifts: nail clipper, barber’s clipper and furball remover. These are exclusive use for dogs. We really appreciated it, we appreciated indeed her affection against Chobi.


However, Chobi is a short-hair type dog, and we don’t have to cut her nails although we’ve not done it in the past, so she does not have to use these items.

Therefore, we decided to donate these items for ‘Animal Care Trust(ACT)’ Manalore. They helped Chobi’s hematoma, our other friends dog Jaiko’s injury and Rani’s leg condition also, we’re really grateful for their kindly help for animals in Mangalore.
But, we have no any budget to donate money by reason of we’re always in extremely tough financial situations, so we decided to donate these items instead of donate money.

We donated this items on November 1st 2016, by way of giving one of ACT’s main contact person by hand directly.
We indeed hope these items would be help of dogs in the shelter of ACT.

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“Doing Business” Ranking 2017 By World Bank [2]

This graph says that “Doing Business” ranking 2017 edition which was published by World Bank.


21st~40th places countries as below.

21. Lithuania
22. Canada
23. Malaysia
24. Poland
25. Portugal
26. United Arab Emirates
27. Czech Republic
28. Netherlands
29. Fracne
30. Slovenia
31. Switzerland
32. Spain
33. Slovak Republic
34. Japan
35. Kazafstan
36. Roumania
37. Beralus
38. Armenia
39. Bulgaria
40. Russian

Then, Japan is the 34th place. I consider it is natural what Japan can not be in Top 10. Almost anything beneficial things/issues for standard nation are extremely restricted in Japan, that’s why.

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