2020/08/14(FRI) Tomorrow Is August 15th

Tomorrow , August 15th is “WW2 Surrender Day” for Japan, the last day of “Japanese occupation of Hong Kong”. The length of this period (3 years 8 months) later became a metonym of the occupation. Therefore, this morning’s “Good morning”, a TV program of RTHK(Radio Television Hong Kong) has mentioned about that “Japanese occupation of Hong Kong”.

To tell the truth, rhe red colored areas in this map were “Japanese occupation territory” within WW2. I feel sorry with it indeed……
Japanese Empire at its greatest extent, 1943
Although the official media films and many researches says that “Japanese occupation was the fact in the history”, most of Japanese people don’t know the details about those occupation. Or, they just don’t want to accept those facts because they just want to believe Japan is the greatest justice country on the earth. Not all, but a part of people misbelieve that the neighbor countries around Japan plans to occupy Japan, I’ve ever read and heard very often such a “funny imagination in Japanese thinking”. At least until the end of WW2, invader country was Japan among North East Asian region, not Korea or China until then. From my view, they seem like to fight with “virtual enemy in only their imagination”, they can not look at the real.
I feel sorry indeed and extremely shame with their such a funny imagination…..

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Taxes In The World

The below video was uploaded on YouTube on Mar 27, 2018, by ” Pastimers – World’s Best & Worst” channel.

1. Sweden          57.1%
2. Portugal         56.5%
3. Japan              55.95%
4. Denmark       55.8%
5. Austria           55%
6. Belgium         53.7%
7. Netherlands 52%
8. Finland          51.6%
9. France           50.2%
10. Israel           50%

Well, these ratio is maximum effective tax rate in total as of 2018, it express “roughly” trend, tax rates change from time to time in anywhere though……but still I personally agree with the place of Japan. Japan should be in Top 3 among this ranking, I consider. In this list, Japan is one country from Asian region.

The relative poverty rate of Japan is increasing year by year by reason of the Japanese government tightens tax collections year by year and reduces deductions and redistributions.

Public Library Book Loans Per Year

Public library book loans per year. (million)

Tokyo: 111.9
Shanghai: 86.2
NY: 56.3
Hong Kong: 49.8
LA: 42
Singapore: 33
Moscow: 30.3
Toronto: 30.2
Paris: 28.3
London: 25.8
Cape Town: 9.9
Amsterdam: 9.8
Dublin: 5.9
Madrid: 3.8
Rome: 0.5
Istanbul: 0.4

(World Cities Culture Forum)

The World’s Most Spoken Languages

The graph in the below photo says about “The World Most Spoken Languages”, by estimated number of first-language spoken worldwide in 2017(millions)*

1. Chinese 1,284
2. Spanish 437
3. English 372
4. Arabic 295
5. Hindi 260
6. Bengali 242
7. Portuguese 219
8. Russian 154
9. Japanese 128
10. Lahnda 119

*Each language also includes associated member languages and varieties
Source: Ethnologue

Mangalore KFC (Past Scene)

This video was uploaded on YouTube, on March 14th 2013, one of KFC branch in Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

This branch was the nearest one from our past staying rent house, which we had stayed for April 2012~January 2015.

Although KFC in Japan is basically never be in blackout condition, this Mangalore’s branch has suffered from blackout because it is not rare case in India.

There is another difference between KFC India and Japan, some menu is different, this is common issue among all branches of the world. Each country’s branches have each own menu style also, because they have own food culture each other.
For example, basic KFC Japan’s chicken menu does not use spicy flavor, but KFC India use spicy flavor for any chicken menu. Therefore, most of Japanese small children can not eat KFC India’s chicken.

Like this, each places have each own culture, this world have many variety of culture difference each other. We would better to understand this important point in our mind, it would be helpful to understand anything properly more and more.

“Doing Business” Ranking 2017 by World Bank[4]

This list says that “Doing Business” ranking 2017 edition which was published by World Bank.


61st-80th places’ countries are as below.

61. Greece
62. Costa Rica
63. Bahrain
64. Mongolia
65. Azerbaijan
66. Oman
67. Jamaica
68. Morocco
69. Turkey
70. Panama
71. Botswana
72. Brunei Darussalam
73. Bhutan
74. South Africa
75. Kyrgyz Republic
76. Malta
77. Tunisia
78. China
79. San Marino
80. Ukraine

Well, China is coming at 78th place. I think this place would be raise up from now on.
74th place is South Africa, wow, although India has not appeared in this ranking yet during 1st-80th, South Africa has appeared? So incredible!
Yes, recently many Chinese people have already launched their business activities in African area, some young Japanese do it also.