2020/08/14(FRI) Tomorrow Is August 15th

Tomorrow , August 15th is “WW2 Surrender Day” for Japan, the last day of “Japanese occupation of Hong Kong”. The length of this period (3 years 8 months) later became a metonym of the occupation. Therefore, this morning’s “Good morning”, a TV program of RTHK(Radio Television Hong Kong) has mentioned about that “Japanese occupation of Hong Kong”.

To tell the truth, rhe red colored areas in this map were “Japanese occupation territory” within WW2. I feel sorry with it indeed……
Japanese Empire at its greatest extent, 1943
Although the official media films and many researches says that “Japanese occupation was the fact in the history”, most of Japanese people don’t know the details about those occupation. Or, they just don’t want to accept those facts because they just want to believe Japan is the greatest justice country on the earth. Not all, but a part of people misbelieve that the neighbor countries around Japan plans to occupy Japan, I’ve ever read and heard very often such a “funny imagination in Japanese thinking”. At least until the end of WW2, invader country was Japan among North East Asian region, not Korea or China until then. From my view, they seem like to fight with “virtual enemy in only their imagination”, they can not look at the real.
I feel sorry indeed and extremely shame with their such a funny imagination…..

2020/02/20(THU) Sold Out

Recently, I’ve heard that surgical masks are sold out at many stores in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong etc. I don’t go out often, I do my tasks at home basically, therefore I haven’t check the situation so much.

Then, yesterday(Feb 19th) I went to buy several packs of Preserves foods at the nearest medical store from my living apartment. While I picked up my buying items, I have found “Sold Out” scene of ‘mask’ & ‘Disinfection goods’ corners.

I’ve also heard that a plenty numbers of hospitals, medical institutions etc are in trouble by reason of lack of the providing masks, therefore I;m worrying about such a situation.

Hope such a situation will be recovered as soon as possible……

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

– China
– United States
– France
– Japan
– South Korea
– Taiwan
– Singapore
– Thailand
– Australia
– Nepal
– Vietnam
– Hong Kong
– Macau
– Malaysia
– Canada
– Cambodia
– Sri Lanka
– Germany
– India
– Philippines

*Refer from ‘The Spectator Index’ account on Twitter

Public Library Book Loans Per Year

Public library book loans per year. (million)

Tokyo: 111.9
Shanghai: 86.2
NY: 56.3
Hong Kong: 49.8
LA: 42
Singapore: 33
Moscow: 30.3
Toronto: 30.2
Paris: 28.3
London: 25.8
Cape Town: 9.9
Amsterdam: 9.8
Dublin: 5.9
Madrid: 3.8
Rome: 0.5
Istanbul: 0.4

(World Cities Culture Forum)

M6.1 Earthquake in Osaka, Japan

In the morning of June 18th 2018, M6.1 earthquake had hit Osaka area, Japan.
It reminded me of two terrified earthquake memories in my life, in 1995 & 2011.

Why and how I came to India? [2]

Why and how I came to India[7]

Fortunately, myself, Komori & our belongings were safe. But, it made me to terrify soooo much, because I do have horrible memories of huge earthquakes, they are one of my trauma.

M6.1 is not so small level earthquake though, still Government of Japan has not set up “hazard signal system” yet. Hong Kong uses this, and operations of “avoiding hazard control” is going well. I consider that Japan has to do the same thing also, but still now there are only “caution” level. Why Japanese government does not make people to stop commuting when serious disasters would been occurred, even huge nuclear plants disasters had been occurred. Government does not do it, therefore many people would lose their way to back home after earthquake/typhoon etc. It is INSANE!!

I do hope Japanese government will learn from Hon Kong how to control people’s commuting while disasters. Hong Kong are more advanced in some of their activities/issues than Japan.

Then, How To Read This???

This photo was taken in one of the downtown area of Japan, on March 18th 2018.

This is one of the most popular and famous drugstore(medical store) in Japan, the name is “Matsumoto Kiyoshi”, “マツモトキヨシ” is a written brand name of “Matsumoto Kiyoshi” in Japanese language.
Well, I found one funny point about this scene. Below of this shop sign board, there is a banner with writing of “松本清” and “免税”. “免税” means “duty free”, and “松本清” express “Matsumoto Kiyoshi”, I can understand this because the pronunciation of “松本清” and “マツモトキヨシ” is the same in Japanese language.
However, I consider that this banner is for Chinese customers who came to Japan by sightseeing from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.

Then, how to read it this???
The pronunciation of “松本清” in Mandarin Chinese language is “Song Ben Qing”, not “Matsumoto Kiyoshi”.
Is this just mistake? Otherwise, something particular considering is there in this translation?

I want to know it very much……Mmm……

7th “311” Has Come

Now, 7th “311” – March 11th has come again.
Since March 11th 2011, my heart always remember this date at all times, by reason of huge shocking things have happened in Japan on March 11th – 15th 2011.

If this “311” disasters did not happen, it must be that I have never come to India in my whole life, to be honest I had wanted to live in Hong Kong or Malaysia, not India.
Still, I’m always longing for these places(not India), hope something opportunity would be happen to be able to go there in my life…I hope so…

Anyway, I really pray for all, I can never forget this date until I will pass away from this world.
May such a sad disasters will never be happened……

Internet Speeds in Asia

This picture says one example of “Internet Speed in Asia”, this source comes from OOIDA Net Index.


Roughly ranking is as bellow.
This speed effort must be the average of whole countries or regions. Because, for example in Japan, there are 100Mbps FTTH services for individual users.

1. Hong Kong 78.3Mbps
2. Singapore 66.6Mbps
3. Japan 44.5Mbps
4. Taiwan 39.3Mbps
5. China 19.5Mbps
6. Thailand 18.9Mbps
7. Vietnam 14.2Mbps
8. Cambodia 5.9Mbps
9. Brunei 5.51Mbps
10. Malaysia 5.48Mbps
11. Myanmar 5.0Mbps
12. Laos 4.5Mbps
13. Indonesia 4.3Mbps
14. Philippines 3.5Mbps

Then……where is India???
I’ve heard that “India is a great IT country” though……
Even in India, business firm use the high speed network though, I feel the fastest services have not provided yet for individual users like Japan, Hong Kong etc…